01 December 2009

Christmas Crafting

Goodness me, it's already December!

Image: Phil Stewart

Every year I avoid the early Christmas cheer as the shops go all out with decorations, as early as November(!), in an effort to make you spend, spend, spend. However, as soon as it hits December, I start to adopt some Christmas spirit, especially when the ground is covered in ice and my choir has already begun serenading the public with carols.

My goal this year is to be as thrifty and crafty as possible. It all began with the idea of making my own advent calendar and has been followed by the scouring of t'internet and da blogs in search of anything and everything DIY Christmas!

Then I thought 'Hey, if I'm doing it, maybe you are, too?'


Let's have a Christmas Countdown! And no, not an ordinary countdown but a crafty, DIY themed Christmas Countdown!


Piggy-backing off Sweet Paul's idea, I have decided, between now and December 25th, I shall share with you some Christmassy DIY crafts, recipes, resources or gift ideas located somewhere across t'internet or the blogosphere -- the more the merrier. I shall aim to fuse it altogether with some Christmassy and wintery photography.

So let's kick things off gently -- especially for those lacking some seasonal spirit -- with some December and Christmas calendars for your computer desktop. Head on over to Smashing Magazine for a selection of 45 desktop calendars. I managed to narrow it down to a good ol' Christmas Tree!



Perhaps you have a tutorial, craft, recipe, gift idea or something you'd like to share? Or maybe Guest Blogging is your game? Get in touch! Visit the Contact Me section in my sidebar to the right.



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