02 December 2009

Christmas Crafting: Advent Calendars

Matchbox Advent Calendars

So while Advent begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, you can always join in a little late -- it just means you have to eat all the chocolates you've missed so far, oh how very awful!

Do you have some spare matchboxes lying around? Give these Matchbox Advent Calendars a whirl.
1. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
    • 25 matchboxes
    • Pen or small rubber stamps (numbers)
    • Christmas wrapping paper/card
    • Glue
    • Your choice of sweets or chocolate
    1. Glue 9 matchboxes together to make the first row from the bottom.
    2. Wrap the entire row in your Christmas card/paper. Do the following with the other rows, decreasing the number of matchboxes in each row by 2.
    3. Glue each row together to make a Christmas Tree .
    4. Write numbers 1 to 25 on the sides of the matchbox in any order you like!
    5. Finally, fill your matchboxes with sweets or chocolates, you may decorate the top of the Christmas Tree with a star or angel, if you wish.

    2. Martha Stewart 'Chest of Drawers' Advent Calendar

    This advent calendar looks like a cute little chest of drawers, made up of 3 columns and 8 rows. And when each matchbox is removed, a Christmas image begins to emerge.

    • 24 matchboxes
    • Pen or small rubber stamps (numbers)
    • Christmas wrapping paper/card
    • Glue
    • Your choice of sweets or chocolate
    • Ribbon
    • Paint, felt tip pens or crayons
    • Scissors
    1. Gluing matchboxes in 3 stacks of eight.
    2. Glue stacks together to make the chest.
    3. Cut a strip of your Christmas paper/card to wrap around the sides of the chest, and glue it in place.
    4. Number the front of each drawer using paint, felt tip pens or crayons.
    5. Turn the chest around; paint a design of your choice on the back e.g. a Christmas tree.
    6. Remove drawers and glue a ribbon tab on the underside of each drawer on the numbered end.
    7. Cut a square of card to use as backing for the chest to keep drawers in place and hide the image; attach it at the edges with glue.
    8. Fill the drawers with your choice of sweets/chocolates, or even notes, and slip them back into the chest.
    Now all that's left is to eat the chocolate!

    There are so many more DIY advent calendars out there so investigate! Or perhaps get creative; design and make your own!


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