07 December 2009

Christmas Crafting: Ornaments

Sequined Christmas Tree

Taken from guest Blogger Living with Lindsay, over on Centsational Girl, this is one of the Christmas crafts I have started albeit, not yet finished. You should give it a go though, it's really quite fun.

  • Styrofoam / polystyrene cone ~8" tall
  • Sequins (8mm) in 2 colours e.g. blue and green
  • Beads (4mm) metallic or clear
  • Straight pins e.g. dressmakers' pins, with a large enough head so bead doesn't fall off
  1. Separate beads and sequins into sectioned boxes, e.g. tuperware, bowls, etc.
  2. Begin by sliding a bead then a sequin onto one of your straight pins.
  3. Starting from the bottom of the cone, push the pin into the Styrofoam base and make a horizontal row around the cone, slightly overlapping each sequin.
  4. Make horizontal rows around the cone, alternating between your 2 colours (or just use one colour, if you wish). You should also slightly overlap the sequins with the row below so that the Styrofoam cannot be seen underneath the sequins.
  5. When you have about one row left until you get to the top of your cone, fill in the flat top by putting one sequin in the center and then making a ring around it.Then finish the top row around the tree.

Alternatively, you could use a styrofoam ball to make a Christmas bauble decoration. For that, you make a ring of sequins around the ball vertically and then a ring around the ball horizontally. Incorporate some ribbon to hang your decoration. A good ball tutorial can be found at ThriftyFun.



  1. Woa!! This is is awesome!! I've never seen one of these. Very creative!

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