Letterpress {MIKA78}

Sorry for the lack of blog posts people, I've been mega busy with everything and nothing.

Anyway, I'm not sure if many of you are aware of my love for pretty things, but I do indeed love them! I am subscribed to a number of blogs that showcase many a selection of design and craft items of beautiful prettyness.

Blog Hunt

I saw this fun blog game of sorts posted on Coveiter's blog. And a Blog Hunt it is indeed, I repeatedly had to find blogs I liked and which fit the criteria; it was hard! But it did help me discover more blogolicious blogs. So maybe it will help you do the same.

Link a blogger who...

Any Question Answered...

A friend and fellow blogger, Sigh-Man, mentioned he'd started working as a researcher for the text-and-answer company AQA: Any Question Answered. It does what it says on the tin, you have a question, text them (63336) and they'll answer it. Granted it costs about £1.

So after having a quick browse on their website today, I noticed they let you try one question for free delivered to your mobile...

So what did I decide to ask?
Of all the girls born in 1985, how many were named Jennifer?
Whaaaat?! It was all I could think of

Well, it didn't take them too long to reply -- about 12 minutes -- and this was the response;
5,787 girls born in the UK in 1985, were named Jennifer. The name is Welsh in origin and means fair one. Jennifer Rush sang The Power of Love in 1985.
That's nice to know. I never really texted one of these things before so thought I would share my experience with you.

What questions would you ask? Maybe you can even have a go and see what sort of answer you get.


Free Cone Day!

It's not Friday but this is a freebie I just couldn't let you miss...

That's tomorrow!!

I shall be trying to get mine!

Click here for the website and to see participating outlets.



I'm always nosey to see what other people's desks look like. We could've actually just put a full stop after the word nosey there.

So, anyway, maybe you lot are nosey peoples too. So I thought I would show you my desk or 'workstation'. I almost nearly didn't because I couldn't find it.

I now realise this photo is over a year old! I've since moved my computer and screen to the other side of the desk, so I have more desk space and more privacy. That massive water bottle has been replaced by 3 and the post-it notes -- which aren't actually sticky but I loved the rainbow colours! -- are now waaay into the red.

What does your 'workstation' look like?

IE vs Firefox

OK so some of you might know what IE is? It's Internet Explorer. Good good. That's the terms explained.

Well, I've often read that when creating any sort of website, blog, etc., that you should check your CSS, HTML, XML, and so on in all the browsers that your readers/visitors might potentially use. In short: I didn't do that. I use Firefox and automatically assume that other internetees will realise it is the superior browser and follow suit. But, recently something very strange happened that lead me to realise that I really should have followed that advice.

Check in

I haven't blogged in a little while so just thought I would check in with you.

Not much happening really, so not much to blog about except I finally have some results that are worthy of analysis for my PhD! I got them over the Easter break and at the moment I don't fully understand why I have them. But I got very excited.

How was everyone's Easter break by the way? I didn't get any Easter eggs.

I am so very tired today, am yawning at my desk and finding it really hard to concentrate. I really need to take a nap but my bed is so far away.



After seeing one of How About Orange posts on making fabric bookmarks I really wanted to make one . So when my 2008 diary -- with a fabric cover -- ran out, I decided to recycle it and make one as I loved the fabric pattern. Of course, the diary ran out months ago but I have finally gotten around to making the bookmark. The bookmarks tassle was actually from the diary itself, used for keeping the page.

Here, have a butchers at what I started with and the finished product.

It's Good Friday today but I was still supposed to (force myself to) go into uni. I decided to let myself sleep a little, then it was raining so decided to stay for lunch and go in for the afternoon... but I still haven't made it in.  *sheepish look* Making myself promises that I will do computer work from home and go into the lab tomorrow did seem to relieve my guilt shortly but I still haven't actually done anything and tomorrow is Saturday, so I don't know how confident I am that I will go in. But I have got to be firm!

Also, I don't know what's happened but a scratch I had just below the right side of my lip has turned into a small collection of hives. Maybe I got some hydrocortisone cream in it this morning; my skin is notorious for reacting and being sensitive to things! I've washed my face there and applied some e45 but now it's burning. I'm a little worried now, if I'm honest. Eek!

I've just been eating Nutella out of the jar. Bad idea, bad bad idea. I've already managed to get tummy ache (I'm lactose intolerant). I never used to really rate Nutella but it's actually pretty yum. Back to my glass of H2O.

I vant, I vant!

I vant a digital SLR!! Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

I reckon I could afford to buy one. It would only make the rest of this month a bit of a pinch. Problem is, I have to sort out flights to Spain soon so could do with keeping the excess cash for now.

I clearly want it so much, the craziness is turning me Russian!

Well, that is all for now as I'm a busy bee today. Speaking of which, how cute are these Bee themed items on Etsy?! Well, I'll tell ya; too cute!

Amongst all the goodies, I've picked out hair clips, ponytail bobbles, a notebook, a nightlight, a bird house, a door hanger and a letterpress card.



Get ready, because I'm going be a right chatterbox today! I have soooo much to blog about I just don't know where to start and whether I can get it all in one post, well one of a manageable reading size, at least. Although, I am sure, now that I have sat down to blog about it, it's all just gonna shoot right out of my head. But, I'll try.

I rather like compartmentalising things so I think I'll organise it that way.

Happy April Fool's Day

Did anyone catch you out this April Fool's Day? All I got was a measly 'I'm pregnant!' Pfft, too obvious!