15 January 2010

Ask me anything!

Hello lovelies!

Do you have a burning question for me that you simply must know the answer to?! Something you want to know about me? Well, head over here to ask me anything you like!

You can always ask me in the comments section, on my twitter or send me an email if you perfer.

I shall answer them wherever I get them but if I am inundated with questions (unlikely) you might get a blog post out of all the questions, and answers, of course..

I look forward to reading - and answering - your burning questions!


Image: S├ęgozyme


  1. Aaaah burning question??? hmmm.....lemme see...uh really it isnt a buning question, its just a question - Whats ya favourite book? Oh yeah another question does your first crush know that you had a crush on him? Did you tell him/her!?

  2. Good questions, Sonshu!

    OK, first one: my favourite book was probably 'The Other Boleyn Girl'. I imagine a lot of people choose it but (sometimes) I don't mind being a little obvious. I just could not put it down and was so engrossed! Have you read it?

    Second: Well, I'm wondering how far back I should go here - I've had a lot of crushes, I'm not sure which one I should consider (or can even remember) being the first! Either way, yes, I told my first crush that I had a crush on him. It didn't turn out too well in the end so it just gets filed in the 'life experiences' section. :P

  3. ManU, City, or hometown club?

  4. What do you really look like?

    That's my question :)

  5. Thanks Langley.

    Well, just like most people, I have eyes (brown), ears and a nose, oh and red hair. But maybe a picture would be a better illustration;