04 January 2010

Bonjour 2010!

Hello all,

I wish you a Happy New Year and a very warm welcome to 2010. Does anyone have any new years resloutions? Mine are the standard keep fit, spend less and work harder! ;)

Image: KKellyS

So, you may have wondered what the hell happened to me over the festive period? No?! I'm gonna tell you, anyway.
I was all set to keep you informed of my Christmas Crafting (I did do more, promise! Jam, cookies, chocolates, marinated peppers, coconut cake and mince pies.) but then, my first unborn nephew decided he wanted to arrive a little early, a month early! So, on December 14th, off I trotted to Wales, where my sister now lives with her husband. To cut a long story short, my sister had a beautiful baby boy, Lucas James, born 6lbs 5oz at 7:26pm on December 15th. And I am in love with him!! I would let you bask in his awesomeness, but my sister prefers not to have his fizog plastered over the internet. Hear, hear!

Alas, Manchester and my teaching duties beckoned and I had to return, all set to go back upto Wales and spend Christmas with the new addition.

So, why did I stop blogging? Well, 2 Thursday's before Christmas, some very mean-spirited and (presumably) Mancunian souls decided to let themselves into my house via a window, knock my bedroom door down, and pilfer my laptop, along with another 2 belonging to my housemates. Oh joy, of all joys.

I did still spend Christmas with my sister, a few days back at home-home and then back upto Manchester to get very merry (and then very sick) for New Year; and a wonderful time was had by all.

All very eventful. How was your festive period?

All that remains is to share a few of those wintery, Christmassy photographs I promised you, captured by none other than moi at the lovely Anglesey coast. More can be found on my Flickr, or even at the bottom of this page.

ISO 400 | 1/5s | f/3.5 | Sony A350 DT 18-70mm @ 18mm

ISO 100 | 1/400s | f/11 | Sony A350 DT 18-70mm @ 35mm

ISO 100 | 1/160s | f/10 | Sony A350 DT 18-70mm @ 18mm



  1. Woa girl you have had alot!! Congrats Auntie!! Ohh dear Im sorry to hear about the break-in. I don't know if there is theft insurnace where you are. I hope nothing was valuable. What a beautiful X-mas tree. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! Feel better! I hope the new year is better for you. *hugs*

  2. Thanks Melanie! I didn't have insurance but I might be covered by my parents', fingers crossed. The laptop wasn't too valuable and was a few years old.

    A belated Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year!