19 January 2010

Cold sooooore!

I've always been a worrier.

If it's one thing in life I can, and will, do, it's worry. If I were to convince you to put your money on something that will occur, me worrying about something (or several) at least 3 times a day, would be it.

The way my worry externally presents itself is not very pleasant. Some of you might get big bags underneath your eyes from no sleep or bad skin from stressing out, or bitten nails. Well, my body decides it wants to give me a blistered lip. Similar to a fat lip, without the punching involved. That's right ladies and gentlemen, a nice little bit of herpes.

Once you get herpes, that's it, you have it for life. It lays dormant in your system and you can never hope to get rid of it.

Come on, don't be silly. There's no need to close the window; you cannot catch it from reading this blog.

I am fairly lucky with the one I have at the moment as it is sort of inside my lip so is managing to do a fairly decent job of concealing itself. It does mean, however, that my two lips were stuck together when I woke up this morning. Nice.
You're really not going to like this but I'm going to do it, anyway. Let's just remind ourselves what a lovely coldsore looks like...

And you better consider yourself lucky as that was the least ugly picture of a cold sore that Google images could uncover. And I made it small.

Haha! Are you feeling grossed out? Good! I have included an image of some pretty lips (well lipstick stain) to make you feel better! Which it probably won't. Anywhoo...

Also, never make the mistake of putting Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on a cold sore thinking it will keep it moist. Yes, maybe once you've gotten rid of the infection and you're left with just a scab, but not before and especially not right at the beginning. Like I did, once. The Vaseline just keeps the puss that normally oozes out, inside and if the swelling can't get out, it will just stay in. My lip was huuuuuge! It began to swell my nostrils. Luckily for you, neither me nor Google images has a photo of that.

I've had cold sores since probably pre-teens but my earliest memory of cold sores (the plural has an extra special meaning here, you'll see) was when I was about 11 years old and just about to sit a grammar school exam. For those who don't know, a grammar (public) school is a high school for which you have to sit (and pass) an exam to earn a place. Oh, and give lots of nice and juicy monetary contributions once you're there. ;) Whereas, a normal high (state) school is funded by the government and there is no entrance exam. Although, perference is given to students who live closer. I think the definitions may be the reverse in America, for example.

Anyway, I'm sure you don't care about all that. The point I'm trying to make is that it was a big deal to be sitting an exam for a grammar school; they are held in higher academic asteem than state schools and generally do have better teaching to boot. I think anyone could apply to sit the exam, but obviously not everyone would pass.

So, you could say I was a little worried. So, what happened? Well, you'd be slightly correct in thinking I got a cold sore. Yup, I had just one... until that one spread all over my face; they were on my cheeks, my nose, luckily they didn't reach my eyes!

It turned out that I had to miss the exam because of my hideous face and then attend a second sitting which, sadly, I failed.

Now, I say sadly but it was the all-girls grammar school in my town and everyone who went there was considered a snob and I will admit now, I didn't want to go! That's not why I failed, I don't particularly remember doing it on purpose.  :P I guess I was just too dumb. But at the time, I was glad to be going to the same school as my friends rather than, god forbid, have to make new ones at a 'snobby' school. Silly child.

Incidentally, I later sat an exam for another all-girls grammar school in a different town and passed! I really wanted to go there, mainly because it wasn't in my town so all my old friends wouldn't be anywhere near me to call me a snob. I repeat; silly child.

But I never made it to the top of their waiting list. :(

And so ensued the end of my parents' dream for me to attend an all-girls grammar school. I attended the state high school associated with my junior (primary? middle?) school.

After all that, it definitely hadn't been worth a face full of cold sores, that's for sure!


  1. How is it you can make gross things sound funny and interesting. I can't do that. Enjoying your blog so far.

  2. That was meant to have a question mark, by the way. Without one it looked harsh but I was asking seriously. I'm not good at funny :)

  3. Okay that was supposed to be gross but it didnt gross me out! ;) and yea im a worrier too, thats somethin i can do well! without a doubt! that makes two of us!! :) yaaaay us!! :)

  4. It was actually just funny and cute :)

  5. @Eva: Aww thanks! Glad you found it funny and light-hearted, the way I intended it.

    @LMP: Yeh, worrying can be bad but it can also be quite productive and motivating. I agree, yaay us!

    @AVY: Thanks and thanks for stopping by my bliog and commenting.