12 January 2010

Early riser

I have decided on a new 2010 resolution; get up and get into work earlier, at least before 9am.

I'd been toying with the idea for a while but, knowing that I would have to sleep a lot earlier than normal (I love my sleep and really like to have 8 hours a night) and fight my comfy bed in the mornings; it all sounded so hard! But last night, I set the resolution wheels in motion by attempting to go to bed before 11pm. It was helped by the fact that R, yet again told me "yeh yeh, you won't do it" (the hair-cutting incident springs to mind). I thought right, that's it. I'm doing it!

Unfortunately, it was hindered by the fact that I suffered a bad lactose-intolerance episode; those cheap packets of tortellini from Lidl clearly contain waaay too much cheese for me, despite what the ingredients say! It resulted in me nodding off later than the planned 10:30 pm.

I still managed to wake up before my 6:30 am alarm, though - probably because of my still present tummy-ache :( - and got up (almost) straight away. Maybe R was still ringing in my ears.
I managed to shower, dry my hair (sadly, since the haircut, it's not just drying; some styling is required), put on my minimal warpaint (ginger eyelashes, and maybe even eyebrows, are not in abundance; I do not wish to look like an 8 year old boy; I'm 24!), dress, tidy the mess I left in my wake, have breakfast whilst watching morning news and even conjur up a snack for work! I left the house at 8am. That's good for me.

Cut a (potentially) long story short, I plopped into my nicely radiator-warmed desk chair at 8.25am. Woo! OK, so it's not exactly a record; I've been in earlier, but it's certainly the earliest in a while.

Oh, it takes me back to my college days (just to clarify, that's 16-18 years old here); walking to the bus stop with not many people around, up when it's still dark and wintery outside. Once I'm up, I actually love it! I like being in a quiet office before most other people have got here.

That's all great, until you're sat at your desk at 9.30 am, yawning your head off and trying to stop your mascara running whilst realising you didn't actually use the extra hour productively. You got up that early for nothing? Well, no, because you got all that procrastination (that normally begins at 9:30 am) out of the way earlier. And although it all works out the same - you get up earlier, you go to bed earlier - coming in earlier is all about your productive time starting sooner and more of it falling in the realm of office hours.

I might have changed my sleeping habits; albeit one day so far, but I really think I can keep it up! However, I still need to step it up and get into the swing of things.

Now then, what time can I have this pancake snack I made?! :D


  1. I start work at 7:30 every day - by choice! I just love being able to saunter out of the office at half past three and be home for 4 :)

    Good luck keeping it up!

  2. Thanks! It is SO much better to get up earlier! It feels like you can make more of the day then. Being able to leave the office at 3.30 really does sound nice!

  3. Today I chose comfy bed. Shouldn't have but oh well. I work way too much. Better do something for myself before my head explodes. I hope you keep up on your resolution - at least until it isn't benefiting you any more.

  4. getting up early makes me feel i have sooo much time to do what i want to! especially during exams! :) But during weekends i prefer comfy bed! :)

  5. @Eva: Sadly, I chose comfy bed this morning, as well. But still managed to get in by 9.30am.

    @LMP: Yup, I love comfy bed at weekends, too!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting ladies! :D

  6. nice work on actually getting up early! even getting procrastination out of the way is awesome!!

    But the question is, have you kept it up since ;)

  7. I commend you lady. I still struggle with it even after becoming a mom....and the lil' dude waits for no one!