08 January 2010


If you ask me, this actually feels very reminiscent of a good old Freebie Friday. And do you know why? Because I am about to share with you some fresh, favourite, funky and absolutely free fonts!

I narrowed it down to 16 fonts from the thousands on dafont.com; a fabulous font directory, listing both free (for personal use) and purchasable fonts. You can see these, and my regularly updated list of, favourite fonts anytime you like by visiting my 'Font Favourites' folder @ dafont.com.

OK, let's get this show on the road! 

Wishlist 2009  
You might want to use this font to make your christmas, birthday, valentines, wedding, whatever (!)  wishlists for 2010. 

Need a font that looks like it's been written with clouds? Try this one on for size. 
You could use this font for just about anything you fancy, but makes good advertising titles.
LL Cooper
As the author points out, this font pays tribute to the typeface "Cooper Black" -- an old style serif typeface designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper in 1921, becaming somewhat iconic in the 1970s -- in an unfocussed, doodle style. Or maybe, like me, you just think it's cool?

This is probably a very specific font; working well with science related advertising, perhaps?

I think this font is very contemporary and really want to use it, just can't decide what for?! 

A font which, I think, would work well with designs and advertising relating to nature. But, don't ask me why! 

A very gothic font and feels very 'Interview with a Vampire', despite the name reminding me of 'Science of the Lambs'. 

This actually reminds me of the font on a Snickers chocolate bar; I don't know if it's the font itself or just the name, but I do luuuurve Snickers! 
This font is based on the logo for 'Visit Indonesia 2009'.

Angelic War
This font is for those looking a very cursive, embellished font. 

A very futuristic font. 
Katy Berry 
Do you like the font used for Katy Perry media and merchandise? Well, this font - from the author of Angelic War - comes very close!

Notice Std 
Ever looking for well known symbols, notices or signs? This font is here to help.

Life Lessons 
Being a stitching girl myself, this one caught my attention and I fell in love. I think it would work if you were looking for a homely, motherly-related font.

Last, but by no means least, comes a font from a popular style often seen on vintage themed wedding or party invitations and posters.


Well, that's all 16 fonts, folks. Seen one, or more, you like? Fancy going hunting for your own favourite, free fonts? Head over to dafont.com, grab some free fonts and feel free to share what you used them for; I'd love to know, or even see!

Oh, and another awesome place to find free fonts, amongst so much other fabulous stuff, is DeviantArt.com.


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