29 January 2010

Friday feeling

I really should not go out galavanting and partying on school nights; it results in either a hangover or being too tired to get up early, or both! And mid-week hangovers are baaaad, m'kay?

But last night, I made an exception as it was my housemates last night in Manchester before she's off to cold Canada for 2 months to do her elective for her medicine degree. Luckily, I knew when to stop with the drinks and after a Raspberry beer (they didn't have Mango!) and an exotic fruit cocktail (it actually had a wedge of watermelon sticking out!) in a beer jug, I called it a night drink-wise. It was one of those very last minute events and I was already yawning before we left the house but I managed to stay on my feet until nearly 3am, finally tucking myself in at a late (or early) 3.30am!
I love my sleep. I find it so hard to get out of bed without 8 hours of the stuff. So, today, I thought I'd let myself sleep in. Bad. Bad. Bad. I didn't sit at my desk until after 11am! Tut. I managed a little bit of work before lunch rolled round, during which time, I stuffed my face; I was famished. Now I'm finding it reeeeeally difficult not to fall asleep. And it's Friday. This is not helping me keep those Friday feelings at bay. Tired and sleepy after a big lunch is prime time for those bad boys.

A nap would actually be so nice right now.

This weekend, there are a couple of birthdays; Friday and Saturday nights out are on the cards. I can't handle this stuff anymore! I say that, but once I have a little lie down (yes, yes, I'm an old woman!), I might be ready for anything. OK, not anything but you get the idea.

Well, Happy Friday everyone! What do you have planned this weekend?

If you remember that advert, you'll get the picture reference. Mmm! I wouldn't mind a crunchie right about now! 


  1. Happy Friday! Mid-week drinking is always bad times! Have a good weekend, lovely.

  2. What?! You need to always go out on weekdays, they're much more fun and you get to meet the most amazing people.

    I was out last night. It was awesome ;)

  3. I much prefer going out in the week - the music tends to be better, the people are nicer and you don't have to queue for twenty minutes to get a drink. Going out at the weekend I find everywhere is busier and full of chavs! It's hard when you have to work during the week so these days I hardly go out at all - must be getting old !

  4. @LondonGirl: Thanks! Hope you had a lovely weekend, too.

    @Langley: well, for someone who has to be in Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (i.e. yes, exactly like a job!) going out in the week is a bit of a no-no - I really can't handle the morning after anymore. But sometimes it's worth it!

    @Emma: You're right actually, the weekend is rather crowded and I actually hate crowds but as long as I'm not packed like a sardine, I can just about handle it. I do try to avoid the chav zones, though. Yup, we are getting old I think!