22 January 2010

Gingerella sans diary

After 3 weeks of living without a diary, I realised it's actually pretty darn difficult to do - or at least remember to do - anything.

And no, not the "dear diary, today was so depressing..." kind of diary. The up-to-date-planning, appointment-making, event-monitoring kind.

I actually get a pretty good free one as a member of the Institute of Physics but this year's was sent to my old address and well, frankly, it's just too out of my way to go and get it. Plus, it means making small talk with my ex-flatmate. That's bad, I know. Did I mention I'm busy, too?!
So, I caved, and per-chased a diary. And not just any kind of diary. I thought I'd treat myself and splash out (should read: it was all they had in the closest bookshop. Shush, I'm not lazy!) and I got one of those moleskine ones. Not know what they are? I didn't know what the fuss was either. Well, they are supposedly; "the legendary notebook" and enclosed in the diary was a quaint little pullout about the history of a legendary notebook. Sweet. Turns out they're more expensive than you would think (or maybe you already know?) but boy, are they nice. So much choice, too; notebooks, diaries, planners, journals. Eurghh! I'm in stationery heaven looking at that website!
Image: .::Nin::

This might be an apt time to mention my love of stationery. In fact, I might be a little bit nuts about stationery, if I was rich, I really would spend a lot of money on it. And look, I'm making whole blog posts about the stuff! But I'm not going to mention that I am actually subscribed to some blogs about paper and stationery. If I had my own shop and could choose one thing for it to sell, it would be stationery, or maybe my other love, cupcakes.

But, you know what, I don't think I'm alone in this. I think a lot of people (OK, girls.) have a secret stationery fetish as well.

Aha! I knew it; stationeryfestish.com!

Yup, I have just self-diagnosed. I am a stationery addict. Please tell me some of you love stationery lots, too?!


I am going to be shameless and make another plea for more of your questions to answer. They can be about absolutely anything! Head over to my Formspring page here to submit your questions. You can also ask me in the comments, on my twitter, in an e-mail, (links in the sidebar) or even scroll to the bottom of this page and submit your question in the footer!

I have already answered some of you, in the comments and at formspring. If I get enough questions, I will put a post together with the answers but right now, there's not much probiong going on and I want more!!

Right, back to work aaaand I just got a nose bleed. Nice. The work is clearly turning my brain to mush.


  1. Oh I'm have a total stationery fetish & pen fetish. If it looks pretty I'll buy it. Yeahh without writing things done I feel so lost. I never know when anything is. I have a mini diary/planner in my purse. It's good enough for now. Good luck with yours!!

  2. I love those notebooks, diaries and so on. They're sooo good.

    Yeah, they are more expensive but you can tell the difference just by holding it.

    Probing eh? Well, when did you lose your virginity and where?

    Too far?

  3. What goes better with Stationary than a Mont Blanc pen? Nothing, except the price tag. I found this a while back, it's brilliant!

    "transform a $3 pen into a $200 pen in just seconds"


    Don't you just love the internet?!

  4. Oh! And a question! What would you recommend as the "must see" thing in Manchester?!

  5. Me loooooveees diaries, pens, pencil and every stationary! i love the amaaazing diaries with lovely covers and a royal look! :) but my diary has dear diary types stuff and of course plans and stuff too!! :) :) hehehe :) ive asked my question last time! :) got the answer too!

  6. @Melanie: Yeh, people invite me to things and without a diary it's difficult to remember if I'm already pre-booked lol. Thanks!

    @Langley: It's true, you can tell the difference just by holding it. I have found myself just holding it. Hmm your question isn't too far. Very probing. When I read it, I was trying to decide if I was too embarrassed or too much of a prude to answer it; I'm not. But I think I will save it for the post full of answers. I was toying with the idea of password protecting it but it's probably unnecessary. What do you think?

    @Michelle: Hellllo! Thanks for stopping by my blog, AND commenting. Love your blog! I really DO love the internet, as well. I will have to check out that instructable. Thanks for that!

    A must-see in Manchester? Hmmm. It depends what kind of thing you like? It has a brilliant football stadium; Manchester United's Old Trafford. It has a pretty good shopping mall; The Trafford Centre. I really quite like the Town Hall in St Peter's Square. I don't think there are a great deal of tourist attractions in Manchester. =(

    @LMP: Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only stationery lover! =D

  7. http://sonshus.blogspot.com/2010/01/12325.html You have been tagged!! :) :)