11 January 2010

Macro Monday

Good Monday morning!

How are we all today? The snow is beginning to melt in Manchester but the mixture of ice and slush is rather slippy. So, the walk from the bus stop to my desk wasn't easy.

Anyway, it seems time for one of those few and far between Macro Mondays today. Sadly, it's not really a genuine Macro Monday (and no, not because it's Tuesday!) but because I don't have an actual macro lens but, maybe one day. *daydreams*

I also wish the photographs followed some sort of theme but they've got nothing to do with anything. Except, maybe, that they are items from my house. They are both old photographs I took back in August and, last night, realised they were slightly better than I'd initially thought.

ISO 400 | 1/20s | f/5.0 | Sony A350 DT 18-70mm @ 30mm

  ISO 125 | 1/125s | f/5.6 | Sony A350 DT 18-70mm @ 70mm

Oh, did anyone notice I took my blog's Christmas decorations down? It felt a little bare at first but I'm used to it now.  :P Can anyone tell what's different about the header? ;)

Have a lovely Monday ladies and gents!


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