07 January 2010

Snow Days!

Do you remember winter times when you were a child and it snowed? School would be closed and you'd officially be allowed to stay home to build snowmen, have snowball fights and go sledging? Yes, I do, too. But once you leave high school, you can forget all about Snow Days.

That is, until your city has more snow than they know what to do with! That's what has happened in Manchester, and many other cities across the UK. They're calling it 'The Big Freeze'. Brrrrr!

The amount of snow overnight on Tuesday, resulted in my university kicking students out, telling them to go home and not bother coming in the next day either. Sounds good, right? Oh, it was!

I still had places to go and people to see, though but this sort of view as I left my house was well worth braving the cold for...

ISO 64 | 1/100s | f/3.1 | Casio EX-Z85 (DigiCam) @ 6.3mm

R flew back from his Christmas and New Year trip to Lebanon and I went to meet him at the train station. Having only lived in the UK for the last 7 years, he was in shock; "I've never seen this much snow in my life!"

ISO 64 | 1/125s | f/4.5 | Casio EX-Z85 (DigiCam) @ 12.5mm

I did spent all day yesterday indoors to finish my articles for the postgraduate newsletter I am now an editor for - did I tell you that? If not, I'm an editor!

We did, of course, build a snowman! Well, it was more like a snowhead! :P

ISO 200 | 1/60s | f/3.1 | Casio EX-Z85 (DigiCam) @ 6.3mm

Sadly, it is back to work today. But I will be back soon to share some lovely things with you; including some new favourite, funky and (best of all) free fonts and a scrumptious recipe for brownies!


p.s. maybe it's time to take down my blog's Christmas decorations - what do you think?


  1. I can't seem to leave a comment....let's see if this works. I love snow days and I like your pictures!

  2. Jessica!

    Thanks for stopping by and, I don't know how many times you tried to leave a comment but, thanks for perservering!

    I am glad I have found another lover of snow days! :)