25 February 2010

Anti-climatic much?

Is it Friday again, already?! It's been a week since I last blogged. Time flies when you're having fun you don't have a laptop!

Thank you all so much for the 25th birthday wishes my lovelies! You all rock.

It was a rather low key affair (more on that shortly) and I have to say, now I'm 25 it's all really, rather "well, is that it?!". Anti-climatic. Maybe it's because I'm still stuck being a 'student' and nothing much has changed, except my age. Everything else is still the same. Or maybe it's because I definitely don't look 25, I still pretty much look like this...

except I've discovered mascara. I really wanted that headband, like a fat kid loves cake, so I'm told, which I now realise, made my ears slighty reminsicent of dumbo. *sigh* 

But still, I appreciate it's a quarter of a century and yay for having made it this far. So, Happy Birthday to Me!

I mostly received dollars (not actual dollars, I'm British, I'm just trying to be hip with cool and the gang) but my sister sent me a beautiful framed picture of my nephew. It was propped up straight away! R was planning to get me a coat, maybe because my other one is an absolute bag of shit mess. He thought he better ask me first, though to which I replied I desired a coat. So, massive point scoring for him! We were going into town after uni to have dinner, so went a little earlier to look for a coat together. I really didn't expect to find one but stumbled across a lovely, black coat. Oh gawd, I wish I had a picture of it because describing it as a lovely black coat is just giving you nothing, right? Anyway, it was £95.... down to £36!! Awesome! And it was a size 6.

Oooh, I found pictures, and it's selling on ebay for £125!!

Then we went for dinner at Pizza Express and enjoyed a lovely starter, scrumptious pizzas (cheese-less for moi, a very spicy one for him. Well, it was called 'Etna', dear) and a bottle of white wine. 

You can tell I really dressed up, made an effort, right? Like with my almost complete lack of make-up and with my university swipe card lanyard still on. Jen, you're so hot right now. And you might notice all the chillies still left on R's plate, and those were only half of them. OK, let's stop talking about that, I'm getting a craving for pizza now.

We fell out a little because he made a comment I didn't like. But it was mainly because I decided to be a massive diva cuz, ya know, it was my 25th birthday and all that shizz. Come on, you know the inner-diva comes out sometimes. So yes, I overreacted (which I feel pretty bad about now) but we made up cuz I still love him, of course and because he still loves me, even when I'm a dick. An actual phallus.

And that was that. The next day came and it was all over.  I was considering organising some drinks at a cheap inexpensive cocktail bar tonight as it's Friiiiiday! But I'm not sure I can be bothered really.

I tell you what else is anti-climatic. Getting built up to submit your research abstract online for a conference on the day of the deadline (today). And then, .... *tumble weed* ... nothing. Maybe I will get the confirmation e-mail shortly. Even so, I have to wait until April to hear whether I will be presenting.

Or, you get all stressed out to submit a research abstact before the extended submission deadline closes, thinking you've just made it in time! ... And then, submission is still open, a week later. Arrrhhhh man! 

All I can say is TGI Friday!

What do you have planned this weekend? My parents are visiting on Saturday for a belated birthday dinner and then good ol' Film Club on Sunday. I can just tell this weekend is going to zoom by far too fast and before I know it, I'll be staring straight at Monday!


  1. Aaaah..Happy Birthday to you!
    Sorry I'm sooo late.