18 February 2010

Beaudifu' Bloggers

The wonderful Tuppence over at Tuppenny Tales has given me the Beautiful Blogger Award, and I will tell ya, it really warmed my heart!

I've only ever had one award (but possibly forfeited it by not following the rules, and passing forward) so thank you so much Tuppence! (hey, what's your real name lady?)

The award winner (oooh, I feel special!) must:
  • thank and link the person who gave them the award:
Tuppence, muchas gracias my dear! 
  • award another 15 bloggers you deem fantastic or beaudifu'.
So, here's my list:
      1. Nicole at pine nuts and vodka
      2. Amy at Just A Titch
      3. V at sunshine tinkerbell
      4. Nahl at The Juicy Courtship
      5. Meg at *curls and coffee*
      6. LG at London Girl and Me
      7. Nikolett at Better Than Coffee
      8. Eileen at Engineering Eileen
      9. Brittney at La Midge
      10. Jessica at Lildonbro
      11. Emma at Irregular Expressions
      12. Ali at The Way I See It
      13. Paul at Langley's Blog (men can be beaudifu', too!)
      14. Amber at Girl With The Red Hair
      15. Stefanie at Yeah honestly
      That's the lot! And you I want to thank you all for being such beaudifu' bloggers!



        1. Awwww thanks so much for the award love! You're sweet :-)

        2. thanks so much for the award! I'm very flattered :) your blog is very cute too - I'm adding it to my Google reader!

        3. Aww, thank you so much for the award! You're very sweet, and I hope you have an amazing weekend! After I go and dye my hair, I'm catching up on the rest of your blog haha :)

        4. Thank you soooo much for the award!
          It's soooo sweet...and you're right, the timing is perfect cuz getting this from you has lifted me up tenfold!