17 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a taaaad late because I spent my Valentine's enjoying it and, in the days that followed, being snowed under with work and just generally living a life full of endless crap. Anyway, before this turns into an "I'm too busy to do anything" rant and sob story...

What did you get upto? I've really enjoyed reading all the different things people have done (or had done for them) on V day 2010 and their opinion towards this "commercial bullshizz holiday".

Wanna hear about mine? No? Well, you're gonna.
R and I did our celebrating on Saturday the 13th. The original plan was to have a 3 course meal, cooked by me, the same as last year but we couldn't actually agree on what we fancied for the main course (our faaaave is steak, but we'd had that recently) so instead we went with the easier option of eating out. I did promise to still make him the rhubarb crumble and custard I had planned as dessert, I just didn't say when.

We'd been to Italian Ciao Bella a few times before and loved their tomato soup, and I was particularly taken with their meatballs. But we'd never known it to be busy or popular so were hoping we could just wing it; arrive a little earlier and get a table. But we actually ended up going to thai restaurant Siam Orchid a few doors down and opted for the 2 course meal with a glass of wine; red for him and white for me. The meal was actually pretty good; Thai Red Beef Curry for R and Chicken Pad Thai for me, although our order ended up lost in translation and R ended up with a free starter. But who's complaining?!

So, at the restaurant, I presented him with my homemade Valentine's card which I had wasted spent all day making. It was based on this Martha Stewart Ribbon-Punched Valentine's craft. I put to good use the red and pink card and extremely inexpensive red ribbon I'd bought for my Christmas crafts. Sewing the heart into the card was really fun!! I really wish I'd taken a picture of the final result, I will try to soon and probably tweet it.

He didn't get me a card but that's OK, I know he's not the card giving type and actually, if I hadn't had this craft stuff lying around, he wouldn't have received one either.

After the meal, we headed to a popular area of Manchester full of young and trendy bars called the Northern Quarter, which, if you're ever visiting Manchester, is well worth a nighttime visit! We decided on Walrus, and I didn't get ID'd! We had such a nice time, the music was fab and we danced the whole night! By the end of it, we'd managed 3 bottles of rosé between us, although I was adding lemonade to mine, which is why R explains how he became so drunk by the end of the night and terribly hungover the next morning and I wasn't.

We were also celebrating a bit of good news; a good journal accepted his research abstract and so he's on his way to his first publication! Congratulations! So, I don't blame him for getting a little trollied. :D

Valentine's day itself wasn't filled with much except relaxing (i.e. R getting over his hangover), some football (R playing, not me watching) and TV. Just a pretty typical Sunday really.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day! And I'm glad R didn't spend lots of money on me, because...

...what he really needs to save his money for is my birthday next week.  ;)



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  2. Thank you sooo much for your comment on my blog! It makes things so much easier to know that someone else is going through the same thing..like you're not alone in the world.
    The card you made is such a sweet gesture-and no, guys are usually never the crafty types! :)
    If you ever want to vent, know I'm always here.

  3. Sounds like a decent day. I love that image and your blog.