10 February 2010

How could I forget...

... to tell you about my Film Club night?! Never fear, I am here to fill you in.
In the end, after spending 2 hours on Sunday afternoon proof-watching it, I went with Oldboy. At 2 hours long, it was right on target for the duration that the Film Club audience can withstand. But those 2 hours actually went by really quickly, considering I had already watched the same 2 hour footage a few hours earlier and knew exactly what was coming.

Has anyone seen this? No, I'm not going to spoil it and tell you the twist but, omg (importantly, I pronounce it 'omj', like that well known, international sound of meditation, with an additional 'j', not like o-m-g. Anyway) it's pretty sick.

With a subtitled film, I find it difficuly to judge the acting but I thought it was quite good. I loved the soundtrack and the fight scenes were damn cool. I thought it was great cinematography, actually. I would rate the film 8/10.

Apart from the sickiness of it all and despite hearing "oh great, another subtitled film" at the beginning, everyone seemed to really enjoy i.

There were 4 out of the 10 in the room that had seen the film before and I actually heard the occassional huffing from one person who may, or may not, have been unimpressed about having to give up 2 Sunday hours to watch a film they'd seen before. I hope it wasn't that but if it was; middle-finger-up to you, my friend.

My film night almost failed thanks to my troublesome hard drive not being recognised by R's computer. But all worked out in the end and disaster was averted.

Snacks and drinks? I went with what I would want to eat and drink; so, armed with 2 Kettle Chips multipacks, cartons apple and orange fruit juice and a tub of homemade Fairtrade chocolate brownies, I think my night turned out relatively well!


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  1. I think its awesome that you have a film club!! A group of friends of mine used to do this every Sunday night. Pick a movie & then watch it. I really gotta see Old Boy. You said the magic words about it. It's got a "twist". I love movies like that!! Kettle Chips are amazing too. =)

    Glad it worked out!!