19 February 2010

Oh. This is weird.

To my recollection, I have only ever blogged on my own machinery. OK, maybe R's machinery. But definitely not in a computer cluster -- basically just a free internet cafe for students at my university -- and it feels quite odd to be sat in the same place I would've been 7 years ago.

I'm sat in the computer cluster for the halls of residence I used to live in during my first year at university. It's kinda weird. But in a good way. Oooh the memories. Very uncharacteristic but I think this calls for a photo:

 Me, aged 18, with 2 of my best friends; Rainbow (yup, her name was actually Rainbow) & Saii Man

Now, what would be weird is if one of my "students" plopped themselves down at the computer next to me. I think I'd end up censoring the websites I was visiting, incase they were looking. You ever do that? I don't know why I should care. But that's me, complete over-carer!
Anyway, none of them are sat next to me. In fact, no-one is sat next to me, it's lovely and warm and it's actually pretty quiet as it's Friday night. Everyone knows students don't work on Friday night, right? ;)

I sat in the house today and waited almost the entire day, 9am-4pm, for DHL to come and collect my laptop to send back to Acer. I've finally pulled my finger out and sent it back. However, as the laptop spent the entire day taped up in a box, I was at the mercy of daytime television. Oh. My. God. *shakes head* That was not easy! So now, I have no laptop and am resorting to computer clusters to get my blog fix! Let's hope Acer don't keep it for too long.

A girl across the room keeps looking at me. Whaaaaat?! Stop it, will ya?!

It's my birthday on Tuesday. Not just any birthday, my 25th. I don't have anything planned. Think R hadn't realised it's so close either. Should I do something? I really think I should and actually want to but it's probably too late now. I'm always late organising shizz for my birthday.

Anyway, I'm just talking jibberish now. I need to go get some dinner and have something of R's to return to him so I have to run along.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend y'all! What do you have planned? Maybe a few drinks for me tonight and then a friends birthday on Saturday, which I could possibly tag some of my own birthday celebrations onto but not sure what the music is like where we're going. Might have to sacrifice my musical tastes but hey-ho.



  1. I'm an expert website-censorer. My desk at work is visible to just about everyone else so I've developed quite a knack - I resize all the programmes so that the top half of my screen is an excel spreadsheet, maybe my Outlook inbox, while at the bottom is an array of interesting websites that keep boredom at bay, and are hidden by my shoulders. I think it's genius...and incredibly geeky.

    Hope you have a great birthday! My 25th was in December and I lamed out...I don't want to grow up :(

  2. Ahh, I'm the same way when I'm on a computer/laptop in public. Especially in class -- I mostly just take notes but occasionally check e-mail/twitter and the like and get so paranoid that someone's taking a look!

    And ooo at your birthday! You could always just plan some kind of small dinner with a few friends or just something with you and R? Regardless, I hope it's a great one! :) Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday for Tuesday!

    Kate x

  4. I am an over-carer too! I feel really self conscious when playing around on computers at work, etc. Not sure why?!

    Hope you had a great weekend and definitely began the birthday celebrations! :)

  5. I hope you had an AWESOME 25th. My 25th is coming up and I'm going to Vegas!! Hop on a plane and join me!! I'll bring enough sunscreen for our pale, ghost like skin!!