01 February 2010


In an effort to help you lovelies get to know me better, I proposed a Q&A session; in which I said you could ask me anything and I would answer. I also hinted at a post containing all the probing Q's and the honest A's.

Now, I wasn't inundated with questions but -- mainly because I said I would and because I've left it quite long enough, in the hopes I would get more -- here is the list of Q's and A's for you to enjoy (or deteste) to your heart's content.

  • Q: What is your favourite book? (Sonshu)  

    A: My favourite book was probably 'The Other Boleyn Girl'. I imagine a lot of people choose it but (sometimes) I don't mind being a little obvious. I just could not put it down and was so engrossed! Have you read it?

  • Q: Did your first crush know that you had a crush on him? Did you tell him/her!? (Sonshu) 

    A: Well, I'm wondering how far back I should go here - I've had a lot of crushes, I'm not sure which one I should consider (or can even remember) being the first! Either way, yes, I told my first crush that I had a crush on him. It didn't turn out too well in the end so it just gets filed in the 'life experiences' section.  :P

  • Q: What do you really look like? That's my question. :) (Langley) 

    A: Just like most people, I have eyes (brown), ears and a nose, oh and red hair. But maybe a picture would be a better illustration. {The picture I showed him is on the right, there.}

  • Q: What would you recommend as the "must see" thing in Manchester?! (Michelle) 

    A: Hmmm. It depends what kind of thing you like? It has a brilliant football stadium; Manchester United's Old Trafford. It has a pretty good shopping mall; The Trafford Centre. I really quite like the Town Hall in St Peter's Square. I don't think there are a great deal of tourist attractions in Manchester. :(

Now, sadly, because those are all the questions I received, the rest are random auto-generated questions by Formspring. Yes, that's very sad. :(

  • Q: Chocolate or Vanilla?

    A: Vanilla

  • Q: Would you rather be really hot or really cold?

    A: Really cold, assuming I had access to a large number of extra layers I could pile on.

  • Q: If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose? 

    A: The first or second year of my PhD, probably the second more, as I just didn't make the most of it and hence am cutting it a little bit fine with getting some good quality (and publishable!) research.

  • Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    A: A singer. And then a teacher. I would still be a singer now if I had an amazing-enough voice, but not a teacher. I settle for being an alto in the choir these days.

  • Q: Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

    A: Hmmm. Vampire!

  • Q: If you could be a star athlete in any sport, which sport would you pick?

    A: I would love to be a star gymnast or trampoliner! I used to do a lot of gymnastics and dancing when I was younger and was a member of the trampolining club for a while.

  • Q: What TV show makes you laugh the loudest?

    A: I think it would have to be the British music quiz show, Never Mind the Buzzcocks. I find it holarious at times! Although, they have gotten rid of my favourite host now. I always love the Identity Parade round.

  • Q: What's the furthest you've ever traveled?

    A: It would have to be to Hong Kong when I went with some friends in 2005.

  • Q: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

    A: loving, insecure and ginger

  • Q: If you could be invited to one person's birthday party, whose would it be?

    A: I am not sure why this person sprung to mind but Lionel Richie maybe? I imagine he would throw a good birthday party! That's a poor answer but it was instinctive.

  • Q: What was your favorite birthday gift?

    A: Hmmm... I actually prefer the simple little things and a Sudoku book that R (the boyf) got me last year was a good gift; it's small and I'm still using it! But I also love things I can consume (takes up less space), especially cake!

You can of course still ask me anything using a variety of methods (visit the right sidebar!) e.g. email, twitter, in the comments, etc. or you could even use this form I have conveniently pasted for you here:



  1. Pretty cool!! Nice to know more about you!! Oh Cool you do have ginger hair!!

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    I ♥ Tim Minchin!