06 February 2010

Saturday slump

Thaaaaanks so much for all your responses about my Film Club choices. I'll admit that I really want to go with my first choice and instinct and show Lars and the Real Girl mainly because yeh, it is weird. But people might just be left wondering "what the hell was that all about?!" I'm torn with that one.

Michelle, I loved your ideas of showing Strictly Ballroom accompanied with some masculinity-boosters. Asweome! Plus, Jessica's brilliant Tina Sparkle cupcakes idea is making this film choice sound very fun!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a brilliant movie but as I suspected, I now know everyone has seen it. So, that's out.

Paul, Cashback looks fab. I'm going to try and watch it this afternoon. Downfall; I have actually seen it, I think. Sadly, it is quite a long movie (2.5 hours!) which I don't think would go down amazingly well with the audience.

For munchies, I was thinking of making my* delicious brownies to die for!

*not actually my recipe

Maybe by tomorrow I will have chosen my movie!

But for now, it's still Saturday and everyone knows weekends are for being a coach/bed/chair potato and enjoying getting your slump on.  ;) 

I really should be working, though, with only 20 days left to formulate 250 words worth of meaningful research to submit to this conference. Very worried I'm not going to make it. Eek! And the remote access I set up to access my uni desktop and experiment computers appears to have failed. I could get started on these 250 words from here and just leave blanks for the actual numerical results... if I ever get them.

But, what am I doing? Blogging. Great prioritising, Jen.

The sound problem with my brand new laptop is definitely a hardware problem, not software. I really need to send it in for repair, I just need to find a box the right size. That is much more difficult than you'd think!

Kids, I think I really have to start over with my blog layout; the coding is clearly screwed up so much so that it is hindering people from commenting. Such a pain in the ass; it took me aaaages! I also considered of moving over to the dark side and joining... Wordpress. But, I love Blogger, especially it's total free-ness! So, I'm here for a little while yet. Anyone else use Wordpress? Which do you prefer?

Ohhh, I watched the first 2 episodes of Lost, Season 6 last night - anyone else watching this? What the hell is going on?! Must be the most confusing show on TV.

Do I have any other pointless things to tell you? Oh, yes, I realised I am a shit twitterer. There really should be a mini-guide or something for us dumbos.


p.s. Although, I may be back soon; I can see myself blogging twice today.


  1. The film club sounds cool. Not sure I'd have the commitment to do that. I'd probably just force everyone to watch The Matrix, and recite every word in the movie.

    WordPress is solid. B if you wanna start doing things like editing the CSS of existing themes, you got to pay $15/year. If you need extra storage space on top of the 3.0Gb, it's $20 for 5Gb extra. Not a bank-breaker by any means, and you probably will never fill up 3Gb. Haven't had to spend a penny myself - decent selection of free themes anyway.

    Since you didn't post a second time today, I guess you're hard at work on those 250 words!

  2. Awesome :) Let me know what you think of Cashback. It's one of my favourite films... well, ever.

    It's awesome. Hope you like it too :)