09 February 2010

"What's in the bag, lady?"

This was something really fun I saw over at Better Than Coffee's blog and have wanted to do it all week!

So, I present to you... the contents of my bag;

1. Lab Book  2. Phone  3. Calculator  4. External HDD  5. Camera  6. MP3 Player  7. Inhalers  8. Pencilcase  9. Book  10. Glasses  11. Diary  12. Cosmetics  13. Documents  14. Cycling Gear  15. Purse

Wow, there's a lot, huh?! Please remember I carry a backpack around with me most days. It's not as bad as it looks. Oh, click the picture if you fancy a closer snoop. Here's more info;

  1. Lab Book: lab book #2, to be precise, and this has been going everywhere with me lately. It's actually really heavy because of all the extra graphs and datasheets I glue into it. Need to get #3 soon.
  2. Phone: yes, it is a BlackBerry but, because it was a hand-me-down/replacement from my sister when my phone wasn't working (I just haven't been bothered to swap it back) and because I am on PayAsYouGo (yes, nearly 25 and still on PAYG), it's actually just a beast of a phone (size-wise), without any internet, etc.
  3. Calculator: every scientist needs one of these bad boys. I have had it for 7 years now and because it was a very popular calculator amongst my peers, I added that rainbow Amnesty International sticker on the back (that I got in my very first week of uni) to make it unique.
  4. External HDD: this 250GB worth of storage also goes everywhere with me and has most of my life on it. It is actually playing silly beggars and constantly seeing "USB not recognised" is scaring me half to death many times a day.
  5. Camera: aww, what a lovely polkadot bag, you're thinking. That was from a pair of Topshop sunglasses. The camera is a digital compact; Casio Exilim Z85, for when I feel the need to snap something.
  6. MP3 Player: it's actually a Sony Walkman HD and is 20GB worth of music. I paid a pretty penny for it many moons ago and has lasted well. (Saying that probably just jinxed it because I just dropped it on the floor from a great height.)
  7. Inhalers: I have mild asthma and carry them just incase. I wheeze a lot after cycling in the cold, especially.
  8. Pencilcase: if I'm away from my desk, all I need is a pen, pencil or rubber but I still carry the whole pencilcase around with me. It is from Muji, as are most of its contents.
  9. Book: this is the one I am "reading" at the moment. I picked it up from Oxfam for £2 or £3.
  10. Glassses: my slightly dented but very sturdy case for my spectacles. Something else I paid a pretty penny for (the glasses, that is, the case was simply a biproduct of the purchase; they're kinda designer?! lol) and have lasted me well.
  11. Diary: the lovely moleskin diary I was telling you all about.
  12. Cosmetics: every girl has to have some sort of beautifying product in her bag (we didn't all need to see the sanitary products either!). Mine's quite minimal; aloe vera vaseline, mini-brush, Nivea mini-deodrant (hey! you never know when you'll need one) and Body Shop's aloe vera day moisturiser.
  13. Documents: my passport, my cheque and deposit books for my bank account and a silly card-reader that my bank (Barclays) introduced; I cannot access Online Banking without it. Grrr!
  14. Cycling Gear: a bicycle pump and headlight. It's actually a camping headlight so don't know why I was using that to cycle with! It was a Christmas present from R (see, I told you he buys me really useful things!) I do have other cycling gear but it's attached to my bike.
  15. Purse: last, but by no means least, my purse full of cards, money, stamps, bus pass, vouchers/coupons, passport photos, receipts and probably a lot of other crap. It's from Hong Kong.
I did forget to include my keys but nobody's really interested in those.

So, your turn, "What's in the bag, lad(y)?"



  1. seems pretty normal! i go through phases where i carry my glasses and my inhaler with me everywhere, and then i never need them so i stop, and then of course i'll need one of them! very frustrating.

  2. Interesting, who'd have thunk one's bag contents would be quite so insightful. Lab book - one thing I dont miss! That has just reminded me when Dave got his coat zip stuck at his neck when we did fluorescence spectroscopy, turning him into some kind of caped physics fiend. Chuckle chuckle