25 April 2010

101 in 1,001

The idea of creating a 101 in 1,001 list (101 goals in 1,001 days) has intrigued me for a while now. Initially, 1,001 days sounded like such a short time and I wasn't sure what goals I could fill my list with let alone whether I'd complete them! But the more I thought about, read other peoples' lists and realised, wait a minute, that's actually 2.75 years, the more I warmed to the idea.

So, I've created an account over at Day Zero, made my list (detailed below in all its scary glory!) and shall document my progress here for you all.

14 April 2010

Blog Swap: The best thing about being a blogger

Today's post is brought to you by Spontaneous K from [ My Own Voice Over ] as part of the 20sb 7th Blog Swap. And you can find my post over at Spontaneous K's blog. But, without further ado, I'll let him do the talking. 

Surprise, denizens of the UK! Jen won't be adorning you with her energetic wit and grin-inducing ditties today. You have an American addressing you. Rut roh. I'm not that bad, honest. Jen and I have decided to do a little blog swap, so alas, I am here. And you are now my audience. MWAHAHAHA. Ahem. Sorry.

So what do I have to say during this precious time on another blogger's blog? Well, the topic is, obviously, "What is the best thing about being a blogger?"

13 April 2010

Hells Bells!

Dearly Beloved,

we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of a cute, little, pedestrian-warning, sound-making device; MiniBlackBell. I know most all of you never got the chance to share in the joy of meeting, knowing or spending rain or sunshine with her. She was my beloved bicycle bell, gifted to me but, from day one, it were as if she were my own purchase BellChild.

Trusty and faithful, she remained attached to the handlebar by my side whenever I wished to mow down a pedestrian meandering in the cycle lane needed her. My life, and even the life of Biki, will never be the same again! Her ringer snapped off soul departed this earth around 9am this morning whilst Biki and I were trying (and failing) to avoid a gazillion potholes on the way to work. The image of her losing her solitary limb, thereby disabling her ring, will stay with me until I forget my dying day. We must take comfort in her quick and painless end... even if her severed appendage is still out there somewhere.

In closing, we are gathered here today not just to mourn MiniBlackBell's passing but to celebrate her life. We know she is in Bell Heaven now.


Whilst MiniBlackBell can never be replaced, she can certainly have a new bell attached in her honour. And I wouldn't mind one of these bells...

05 April 2010

Been a while, crocodile.

It certainly has been a while. I apologise for such a long hiatus period. Things got very busy there for a while. I shouldn't really use past tense because actually, they still are. But as always, I've been missing this place, even broadcasting into silence seems to be calling me. I have been reading all my fave blogs through my Google reader, though and even finding time to comment on a few.

It's 1.30am on Easter Monday morning. I really should be asleep especially as it's looking scarily similar to last night (I didn't sleep until 4.30am! Doing what, I have almost no idea) and have set my alarm for 8am to get plenty of work done in time for work uni starting again on Tuesday.

My Easter Sunday has been pretty unremarkable, didn't make it to uni as I'd planned, or even (unplanned) Church. Opted for thesis/publication writing at home instead. Happy Easter by the way. Get many eggs? Sadly, I didn't. And why not? Well, apart from being a little too old and no-one here to give me any, I have a one word answer. Lactose. But after tall tales of Ferraro Rocher 'eggs', I shall be in search of one tomorrow! I think I have decided they are my favourite chocolates of all time.

Want to get in my good books? Buy me some of those bad boys!