25 April 2010

101 in 1,001

The idea of creating a 101 in 1,001 list (101 goals in 1,001 days) has intrigued me for a while now. Initially, 1,001 days sounded like such a short time and I wasn't sure what goals I could fill my list with let alone whether I'd complete them! But the more I thought about, read other peoples' lists and realised, wait a minute, that's actually 2.75 years, the more I warmed to the idea.

So, I've created an account over at Day Zero, made my list (detailed below in all its scary glory!) and shall document my progress here for you all.

START DATE: April 23, 2010
END DATE: January 18, 2013 

In Progress


001. Be asleep by 11pm ever night for a week
002. Be with or engaged to the man I want to spend the rest of my life with
003. Cut swearing out of my everyday vocabulary
004. Don't complain about anything for a week
005. Drink only water for one week
006. Expand my vocabulary by 100 words
007. Find out my blood type
008. Get a funky haircut
009. Give blood
010. Go vegetarian for a week
011. Have 10 dates with R (0/10)
012. Identify 25 things I like about myself
013. Identify 100 things that makes me happy
014. Kiss in the rain
015. Live by myself
016. Live in another country
017. Lose weight
018. Make a new friend
019. No alcohol for a month
020. Own a goldfish
021. Save £3,000
022. Try teeth whitening
023. Write a letter to myself to open in 5 years


024. 24 hours without the internet
025. Buy my own domain name
026. Encourage someone to start a blog
027. Guest post on another blog
028. Go to at least one bloggers meet up [ Manchester Bloggers Night Out, April 24, 2010 ]
029. Host a blog giveaway
030. Not log into Facebook for a whole week


031. Become Dr Jen
032. Get a job
033. Have at least one publication to my name
034. Present my work at a conference


035. Bake cookies
036. Build a snowman
037. Buy a car
038. Buy a lottery ticket
039. Buy a plant and keep it alive
040. Buy something on Etsy
041. Complete a 1,000+ piece jigsaw puzzle
042. Dance without music on
043. Do 26 Things
044. Donate to charity
045. Dress up for halloween
046. Eat at a Greek restaurant [ Kosmos with R, April 23, 2010 ]
047. Eat cheese. Yuck!
048. Eat no sweets (desserts, cakes, chocolate etc.) for a week
049. Get a massage
050. Get a pedicure
051. Get waxed
052. Go on a picnic
053. Go camping
054. Go fishing or crabbing
055. Go on a road trip
056. Go swimming at least 10 times (0/10)
057. Go to a Crumbs and Doilies Cupcakes market stall in London
058. Go to an Ann Summers' party
059. Have another go at ice skating
060. Have pictures taken in a photo booth
061. Host a dinner party
062. Join a book club
063. Learn 2 new card games (0/2)
064. Learn how to make homemade lemonade
065. Learn the capitals and locations of all countries
066. Learn to drive
067. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
068. Make a birthday cake for someone
069. Make ice cream from scratch
070. Paint/decorate a room with someone
071. Read 20 books (0/20)
072. Read Harry Potter to see what all the fuss is about
073. Read 'Lord of the Rings'
074. See a movie in 3D
075. Send a secret to PostSecret
076. Smile at everyone I see for an entire day
077. Sneak into a movie
078. Take a packed lunch to work everyday for a month
079. Try shisha
080. Visit a sex shop
081. Visit America
082. Visit Edinburgh
083. Visit Imperial War Museum (IWM)
084. Visit Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)
085. Visit Paris
086. Volunteer with a youth project
087. Watch at least 50 movies
088. Watch more films at The Cornerhouse
089. Win a pub quiz
090. Win something


091. Buy a guitar and learn how to play [ Guitar purchased 5 October, 2009 ]
092. Customise a piece of clothing
093. Go to a dance class
094. Keep tickets or events stubs and put them into a collage or scrapbook
095. Knit a scarf
096. Learn a foreign language
097. Learn to knit or crochet
098. Make 10 pieces of jewellery (1/10)
099. Watch an Opera


100. Make another 101 in 1,001 list
101. Save £1 for every completed item on this list. Donate £2 for every incomplete item

Phew! That's a lotta shit to do! You'll be able to keep upto date with my progress via the 101 in 1,001 page.

Have you got a list?


  1. Way to make a list. I still don't have all my 101 things yet. Oops. I need to finish that!

  2. ok so i can help u with a couple.

    no.7 u r o neg i believe same as me

    no 62 if u like we could start a long distance book club. its up to you

    not sure about n e others but i am now thinking of doing my own list. we shall see.

    love you loads xoxox

  3. I want to make a list like that ... you have some awesome goals. Thanks for following my blog! :)

  4. Thanks ladies!

    @ST: ooh thanks, I suppose that means I can cross off #007. A book club sounds cool but it would be a very slowly moving book club at the mo as I just don't have the time to read anywhere near as much as I'd like. Have to read physics over fiction. Boo! And yes, you should do a list, too!

    @San: thanks lady! I clicked on your profile and visited your blog: http://yourpusteblume.blogspot.com/ but there's nothing there and I don't believe I am following that one. Do you have another one?

  5. Ohhh you're San from the inbetweenismine.com! I didn't make the connection. Oh you're welcome, thanks for having a cool blog for me to follow!

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  7. @Lydia: Hi and thanks for the comment.