14 April 2010

Blog Swap: The best thing about being a blogger

Today's post is brought to you by Spontaneous K from [ My Own Voice Over ] as part of the 20sb 7th Blog Swap. And you can find my post over at Spontaneous K's blog. But, without further ado, I'll let him do the talking. 

Surprise, denizens of the UK! Jen won't be adorning you with her energetic wit and grin-inducing ditties today. You have an American addressing you. Rut roh. I'm not that bad, honest. Jen and I have decided to do a little blog swap, so alas, I am here. And you are now my audience. MWAHAHAHA. Ahem. Sorry.

So what do I have to say during this precious time on another blogger's blog? Well, the topic is, obviously, "What is the best thing about being a blogger?"

Ah, the age old question. Or at least one that is as old as public internet. So about 15 years. But it's still age old, damnit! And important!

It's going to be difficult to choose the best thing about being a blogger, considering it's so awesomely popular that there are hundreds of millions of blogs in the wondrous blogosphere (that's not even a small country, that's a LARGE country).

However, if I have to choose one thing, just one, that is best about being a blogger...it's the freedom. Freedom of what you ask? Good question!

Expression. No matter how amazing of an artist you are, no matter how much you pride yourself on your ability to express how your feelings, your thoughts, your ideas...we're all somewhat worried when it comes to the matter of what other's think. I liken blogging to Halloween parties. If you wear a costume that has a mask, your true character comes out. Why? Because you can say and do whatever you'd like (y'know, within legal reason) with sheer confidence, since nobody knows who you are.

The internet is the same thing. It is an epic mask, and the party is the entire world. You can say whatever you want, portray yourself however you want, and there are no consequences (that is, if you're using a secret identity. If you let your friends and family know that you're blogging, and you talk about whatever you want, well...may the force be with you. That's a whole other can of worms.)

Blogging truly allows you to be yourself, something a lot of people can't do anywhere else. It's a manner of self-discovery, and also discovering that you're not alone. There are tons of bloggers out there writing about the same topics as you, empathizing with the same problems, providing advice and (mostly) constructive criticisms. I've made great friends through blogging, like Gingerella here. And...I've learned a lot about myself.

A toast, my new European audience! To blogging. :)

Check me out at http://myownvoiceover.blogspot.com. And thank Gingerella for allowing my 15 minute take over.

Adios amigos!

-Spontaneous K


  1. Oh no, now I've discovered yet another blog that I'm going to have to follow! How on earth will I ever get any work done?...

    Great post and I look forward to following you.


  2. Amazing swap post. Blogging is awesome. Agree it makes you able to express your feelings and thoughts, and people RESPOND to it. :)

  3. Hi there! I happened upon this fabulous blog of yours! I'm so glad that I did. Blog swaps are so much fun, and I loved reading this.

    I agree that blogging allows you to be yourself! That's why I enjoy it so much. :)

    New follower!