13 April 2010

Hells Bells!

Dearly Beloved,

we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of a cute, little, pedestrian-warning, sound-making device; MiniBlackBell. I know most all of you never got the chance to share in the joy of meeting, knowing or spending rain or sunshine with her. She was my beloved bicycle bell, gifted to me but, from day one, it were as if she were my own purchase BellChild.

Trusty and faithful, she remained attached to the handlebar by my side whenever I wished to mow down a pedestrian meandering in the cycle lane needed her. My life, and even the life of Biki, will never be the same again! Her ringer snapped off soul departed this earth around 9am this morning whilst Biki and I were trying (and failing) to avoid a gazillion potholes on the way to work. The image of her losing her solitary limb, thereby disabling her ring, will stay with me until I forget my dying day. We must take comfort in her quick and painless end... even if her severed appendage is still out there somewhere.

In closing, we are gathered here today not just to mourn MiniBlackBell's passing but to celebrate her life. We know she is in Bell Heaven now.


Whilst MiniBlackBell can never be replaced, she can certainly have a new bell attached in her honour. And I wouldn't mind one of these bells...

The Taj Mahal of Bicycle Bells

Image: Georgie_grrl

Polkadot Bell

Image: plush skirt

Coffee Bell

Image: drew*in*chicago

Ladybird Bell

Image: piaktw

I ♥ My Bike Bell

Image: Location is Everything

or perhaps this vintage Brass Bell is the way forward

Image: mannyvv

Which bell would you choose? Know of any funky bells I can get my hands on?


  1. Ooh, the ladybird, it just has to be the ladybird!

  2. Aww, very sad that yours passed away! And true to my caffeinated self, I have to go with the coffee one - it would be amazing if, every time you dinged it, it would come with a coffee :D

  3. Excellent choices ladies. I actually still haven't purchased a new bell yet so I have to just yell at people instead... or run them over.