26 May 2010

I am a blogging girl and I went to BNO, and I can play...

... what can you play? Err... not the banjo?!

Please tell me you know that song? Three guesses. And if you do, yes, that really was the best I could think of.

Oh wait, you're still wondering what BNO is right? It was my chance to meet some fellow bloggers from down my way (Geddit? see what I did there?) back in April at the Bloggers Night Out in Manchester. At least I think it was April. 
L-R : Rapunzel, Me and Helen

Anyway, I had a blast with the lovelies that are Helen, Kate, Tuppence and Rapunzel.

After being almost the last person to blog about it, I don't think even my best literary crafting can compare to the already wonderfully composed blog posts on the event. But I can say that there was lots of vino and cocktails, a little food and water(!) to wash it down, the odd number-exchange, flirty text messages and a never ending supply of chatter and giggles. I had an awesome time! 

If you want to read more, and you really should (go and read more that is, rather than want to read more, although you should definitely want to read more), and to be a picture-perve, visit:

Oh, and if there's anyone else out there wanting to partake in more blogger meet up fun, holla!

20 May 2010


Another one of those "sorry I've been away" blogs? Yes, correct. I am sorry, I have been busy. I'm never not busy, really. Rapunzel gave me some pearls of wisdom; wherever I am, write down my blogging ideas. Tried that, didn't work. Why? Mainly because there is little to zero excitement in my life, but also because the topics don't seem nearly as interesting upon second inspection. Finally, because I realised what is holding my blogging back...
... I'm not anonymous.

I have plenty of personal shizz that I'd like to share with you all, so much I want to just vent about. People I want to vent about but without my readers thinking less of them and/or me. But considering a lot of people I know and/or am related to read this blog, both with and without my knowledge, I just can't do it.

So, how does a Blogger go underground? How do they reinvent themselves? How can they entice their lovely followers to do just that, follow them underground.

Tuppence has an invite only blog which I considered following suit. But that could possibly get a little confrontational when a friend or family member asks me for an invite and I have to say "Er... no?" How would I deal with that. Sometimes I just want to vent about my life to people who don't know me in real life, and can't get offended, hurt or angry or most of all, judge me for the things I say and do as well as judging the people I dish the dirt on. I should be entitled to that right? Maybe wrong. Maybe I don't have the right to "dish the dirt" on people.

I am so envious of people who had the foresight to keep their identity hidden. I want that. But I don't want to have to start all over again. You lot are all for keeps and I'd rather not lose you.

There's all sorts of philosophical questions; why do you need to be anonymous? Why can't you just be yourself and not care what other people think? But, aside from saying I do care, those all sound like judgemental questions, which I don't really care enough about to sit down and ponder answers to.

Oh boy, I'm getting excited just thinking about all the possible topics I would feel free to write about if I possessed anonymity! It could just turn into a big bitch fest.... but I think I really want to do this.

But then I know a lot of it might revolve around my current relationship, friends and family and no matter how anonymous I would think I am, my fear would be that I could always be found out. I would hate for any of the people I really care about to read a rant after a bad day, or a truthful but painful comment. Which is why I try not to do it now; I don't want to hurt anyone.

So, what do you suggest? Would you do it? Have you done it? How does a blogger completely rearrange their virtual life and identity?