17 June 2010

Living with a boy, part 2

R and I had already decided to live together and with us only wanting to rent for 3 months, private landlords were a better bet than agencies who usually prefer tenants to let for a minimum of 6 months. Cue Gumtree. It is like (read: better than) Craigslist.

By the way, I've always wondered why Americans can't say the name Craig? Well, they do say it, but they pronounce it Kregg? What's that all about? It's Cray-g!!

So, I'd used Gumtree before but never actually got anything directly out of it. This time, I'm determined to make Gumtree work for me and swoop a deal!

Almost immediately, I think I'm onto a winner -- a 1 bedroom flat in a very popular block of apartments in a very central location (for anyone who knows the Manchester area; The Quadrangle on Lower Ormond Street opposite the BBC - brilliant location right?) all for just £90 per week. Wow! That would be just £45 per week for each of us.

I quickly reply to the advert expressing my interest, requesting further details on bills and asking to arrange a viewing.

In the mean-time, I spy another very similar advert on the same street, for just a little more (£105 per week). There seems to be some confusion in the advert though as the poster mentions another area of the UK (Sunderland) in the title but everything in the advert implies Manchester. So, I conscientiously reply to the advert with the same questions, first trying to ascertain exactly where the flat is.

I receive a pretty rapid response to the first advert via e-mail. One of the most convoluted e-mail responses I've had in a long time.

15 June 2010

Super commenter?

Tuppence has tagged me with the Super Comments Award! Thanks so much my lovely!

I first have to answer a few questions:

14 June 2010

Living with a boy, part 1

I'm going to be living with a boy! And not just any boy, my boyfriend. Ahhh!

A bit of background first, oui? OK.

I just wrote a fairly long back-story spiel about R and I living together but to cut a long story short, we decided living together for the next 3 months (some PhD thesis writing period) would give us cheap as chips accommodation. But, we are often an explosive mix, being either best buds or extremely incompatible.

But that didn't stop me wanting to attempt living together; even if he does leave the toilet seat up, we're pretty well matched on cleanliness and tidiness, he's my best friend and he's quite well-known for saying some pretty funny shit. Like what?

11 June 2010

Happy 2nd Blog-a-versary

Aaaand it's that time of year again; Gingerella's 2nd birthday. No, not my 2nd birthday! Today, this blog celebrates its second year of existence. All together now, "Aww! Isn't she cute?!"

Happy 2nd Blog-a-versary to Me!

After a good first year, let's just hope this isn't the terrible twos....

03 June 2010

June bug

Whaaat? We're already in June?! How fast this year is going is incredible!

There's me thinking May was busy, what with all this jazz going on;
  • my choir's summer concert
  • one of my best friends' 30th birthday
  • my cousins long awaited wedding
  • applying for an editorial job and failing, miserably (I'm yet to tell you about that!)
  • writing a lengthy funding application only to discover all funding had already been allocated
  • R and I making the decision to live together, temporarily (I also haven't told you about that yet!!)
  • confessing to Super that my PhD is so awful, I want to quit!
  • attempting to plan a conference trip to San Diego
  • and endless parties, birthdays, nights out and shenanigans, cinema trips, dinners, voluntary work, etc.
Yet all that seems to pale in comparison to what I can expect in June, July and August;

  • finalising a monumental conference proceeding manuscript to get my first publication (oh and actually getting the results to go in it)
  • moving out of my flat and maybe moving in with R, if we find somewhere that is
  • chucking out a phenomenal amount of junk I have accumulated over the past few years -- I really want to do a car boot sale! 
  • two conference trips; fingers crossed for the one to San Diego! 
  • R and I's 3 year anniversary is on the horizon 
  • ...and the end of my PhD ... let's not talk about that.
What was your May like? What are you looking forward to, or dreading, in the next few months?

p.s. I never knew there was a June Bug cocktail! Looks nice doesn't it! After Googling, I found this recipe (unfortunately with American measurements) for you. I haven't tried it, though!


  • 3 cups ginger ale 
  • 4 T. grenadine 
  • 4 T. orange juice 
  • 3 scoops orange sherbet 
  • To make a version with alcohol, add 1/2 orange vodka 


  • Blend together ginger ale, grenadine, orange juice, and sherbet. 
  • Pour into ice-filled cocktail glasses.