14 June 2010

Living with a boy, part 1

I'm going to be living with a boy! And not just any boy, my boyfriend. Ahhh!

A bit of background first, oui? OK.

I just wrote a fairly long back-story spiel about R and I living together but to cut a long story short, we decided living together for the next 3 months (some PhD thesis writing period) would give us cheap as chips accommodation. But, we are often an explosive mix, being either best buds or extremely incompatible.

But that didn't stop me wanting to attempt living together; even if he does leave the toilet seat up, we're pretty well matched on cleanliness and tidiness, he's my best friend and he's quite well-known for saying some pretty funny shit. Like what?

On the bus somewhere:
Jen: I really have to save money for next year
R: Maybe you should pimp yourself?
Jen: I don't feel it would be that profitable
R: Oh I dunno, I'd pay £20 to sleep with you
Whilst using my brand new, slinky laptop:
R: Ahhh your laptop is so nice and so light
Jen: I know *smug-face*
R: When you die you should give it to me. In fact, we should just sit down and write your will right now!
Random facebook message:
(You should know, we'd been dating a little while but our facebook statuses didn't reflect that, most of my relationships have involved none-white men and R doesn't have a British passport. And no, before you get all freaked out, it's not one of those 'Arab man marries overweight 40 year old ginger woman to get British passport' Take A Break stories!)
R: hello. my name is R. I like you. I notice you are single. Wanna be my girlfriend? ps. I am not white
Jen:  Hello R, thank you. I too notice you are after 'random play' and 'whatever you can get'. Perhaps you are a naughty boy... are you sure you want a girlfriend? p.s. I do not sell passports
When not really listening to me, a common occurrence:
Jen: I have a job interview with the BNG (the British Nuclear Group)
R: Why would you wanna work for the BNP Jen?! I don't think we can date anymore.

So, feeling confident that I'd made the right decision, how hard could it be to find a cheap-ish flat in Manchester for 3 months? Well, not a piece of cake, as it turns out and an internet scam seemed to be the order of the day...

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