05 November 2010


I've always wanted to dress up for Hallowe'en and have been obsessed with dressing up as a Corpse or Undead Bride for the last two years; All Hallows Even.

This year, an opportunity presented itself in the form of a friends hallowe'en house party -- it was now or never. OK, not never but carpe diem and all that.

It's a shame this is the best picture I have before I went out (and it's not even a full shot) :( ....

Hopefully, I still look convincingly dead?

I'm hoping my friend took some better pictures!

Some might consider it an expensive costume to go for but it was so much fun to make, get ready and then wear, and others were really quite impressed with my costume. I shall be recycling this outfit for many years to come. Fancy having a go yourself? Check out the list and prices of the costume and make-up components below.



Dress: £20, Vintage Oldham Street, Manchester (Customised with dirt, teabags and scissors)
Shoes: ~£10, Primark


Handbag: £2, Vintage Oldham Street, Manchester (Customised with dirt)
Veil: £1, Vintage Oldham Street, Manchester (Customised with dirt)
Broche: ~£7 The Bead Shop, Afflecks Palace, Manchester
Black flowers: £3.99, Afflecks Palace, Manchester
Lace gloves: £6.99, Afflecks Palace, Manchester (Customised with dirt, teabags and scissors)


Make-up Tutorial: Free Zombie/Dead Girl Look by NikkieTutorials
  • Primer: GOSH Velvet Touch Primer £12, Superdrug
  • White Face paint: ~£3, Afflecks Palace
  • Foundation: Clinique Gentle Light Make-up Foundation in 01 Candle Glow, ~£20 Boots (Have just found out Clinique have discontinued this foundation, again! Booo!)
  • Face powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 01 Transparent £3.99, Superdrug or Boots 
  • Eyeshadow primer: GOSH Eye shadow base £6.99, Superdrug
  • Dark brown eyeshadow: Clinique
  • Purple eyeshadow: Barry M Dazzle Dust in dd99 Bright Indigo £4.50, Superdrug (2 for £7) or Boots 
  • Black eyeshadow: Barry M Dazzledust in 11 Black £4.50, Superdrug (2 for £7) or Boots
  • Black, Brown and Purple eyeliner pencils: Kohl pencil, Boots
  • Black liquid eyeliner: MAC Fluidine in Blacktrack, £12.50
  • Pink blush: Sleek, ~£3.99, Superdrug
  • Nail varnish: GOSH Nail Lacquer in 75 Avantgarde ~£5, Superdrug
  • Eyebrows: Dark brown eyeshadow: Clinique
  • Lips: MaxFactor Colour Collections Lipstick in [fill in later] £7.99, Superdrug or Boots 
  • White Hair: Batiste Dry Shampoo £2.30, Superdrug or Boots
  • Hairspray of your choice
  • Foundation brush: MAC 190 Foundation brush £25
  • Concealer brush: MAC 194 Concealer brush £15.50
  • Blusher brush: No7 Blusher brush £11, Boots
  • Contour brush: MAC 168 Large angled contour brush £22.50
  • Overall Eyeshadow brush: MAC 239 Eyeshader brush £17.50
  • Crease eyeshadow brush: MAC 275 Medium angled shading brush £17.50
  • Eyeliner and eyebrow brush: GOSH Eyeline brush slanted, fine ~£7


  1. Ooh, I love it! You'd definitely have scared me (in a nice way of course...)


  2. HAha truly awesome Jen! Creepy and scary indeed!

  3. You look great dead.

    ..wait, that came out wrong.