25 April 2012

T minus < 1 week

6 Days
144 hours
8,640 minutes
518,400 seconds

That is all.

04 April 2012

The gift of cake!

Writing a PhD thesis can be a bit of an ordeal, to say the least. And those around you don't escape from it either. They have to be pretty patient to put up with how much of an absolute nut-job you're being! And to realise that you really don't want to be completely selfish.

That being said, there are many people that don't need to have done one in order to fathom what it's all about and that you need your friends and family along the way, whether it be for encouragement and kind words, or just normalcy.

My housemates are three such people. I have yet again been incredibly lucky with my co-habitants as, just like the last house I lived in, they were what one might term 'randoms', as I had no hand in choosing the people in my current abode. But they are now some of my absolute best friends.

30 March 2012

The thesis home straight!

It has been a ridiculously long time since I last blogged and a hell of a lot has happened since then! (Psst: I'm now 27!)

So where've I been? Well, as you might've guessed from the post title, my PhD thesis has had to take the front seat for a while. The only seat almost.

I have had a mixture of experiences when it comes to deadlines; left twiddling my thumbs because I'm finished early -- I did submit my MSc thesis a whole day early, can you believe?! -- taking it easy and submitting just before, or finally, tearing my hair out but somehow still managing to meet the deadline!

Well, this time, with just over 30 days to go until the submission deadline, it's still all systems go! I'm not sure if it's that I work well under pressure or I just like to give myself a challenge. Either way, I can see myself working right till the end.

I've been spending all day and evening in the office (and the odd, cheeky afternoon in the lab but shhh!) and the finished product still feels light years away! But my motivation to keep going hasn't wavered anywhere near as much as I would've expected. Perhaps it's the idea that it will all be worth it in the end (I blinkin' hope so!) or probably more that I don't have a choice. Either way, I know that when 23:59 on Monday 30 April arrives, I will be free of my thesis! Well, until my viva, that is... dun dun duuuun!


p.s. I should definitely be writing that instead of this but it is a blogging opportunity I just could not miss. And this next month might see a series of short blog posts. I have been known to not shut up share the odd thought on Twitter about it: @gingerellaj #PhDchat

02 January 2012

Ciao 2011

I really rather enjoyed doing last year's New Year post, where I said Au revoir 2010! So much so in fact, that I thought I'd do another one this year to usher in 2012.

I put my hands on my hips a lot, eh?
The Questions