04 April 2012

The gift of cake!

Writing a PhD thesis can be a bit of an ordeal, to say the least. And those around you don't escape from it either. They have to be pretty patient to put up with how much of an absolute nut-job you're being! And to realise that you really don't want to be completely selfish.

That being said, there are many people that don't need to have done one in order to fathom what it's all about and that you need your friends and family along the way, whether it be for encouragement and kind words, or just normalcy.

My housemates are three such people. I have yet again been incredibly lucky with my co-habitants as, just like the last house I lived in, they were what one might term 'randoms', as I had no hand in choosing the people in my current abode. But they are now some of my absolute best friends.

You might know by now that I am a little bit baking mad. No? Oh OK, I'll have to put blog about it. Ooh I can show you the Angry Birds themed cake I did for my brother's 25th birthday. I would love to open my own cake decorating or cupcake business but for now, it's just an obsession a hobby.

Anyway, my lovely housemate Claire is also a baking fiend. I love this. The cupcakes she makes are phenomenally tasty and the decorations are adorable.

So, when I arrived home late on Sunday evening after a long day thesis-writing in the office, a sandwich box placed neatly on a shelf in my kitchen cupboard bearing this little yellow post-it note was a wee surprise...

At this point, I realise I should probably explain what her sign off, G2, means. Well, Claire is also a fellow ginge. Again, I love this. And since my date of birth slightly precedes hers, I became known as ginge 1 (G1) and she, ginge 2 (G2).

Now, from my introduction you can possibly guess what was inside the box. Yup, cake. But not just any old cake. Ohhh no, no, no. Five iced and decorated vanilla sponge cupcakes! How adorable are those little pink roses and leaves?! Beautiful! And they tasted simply divine.

What you might not be able to see so clearly from the photos is the little icing letters she added to each cake; G U N I T. Gun it? Gin Tu? Nugit? No. Together, G1 and G2 make up the G-Unit! Love it. :D I saved the 'G' till last.

Over the next few days, I took one with me to the office each day and as promised, the sugar did give me a much needed lift. We won't mention the sugar crash afterwards. We all know about those. But doesn't stop us eating cake (or any sugary items, for that matter) right?

I have some wonderful friends and family who continue to be so understanding in the closing stages of my PhD. And I cannot thank them enough. I shall be paying them back in all kinds of ways as soon as May arrives!


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