27 April 2013

That time my tooth fell out.

OK, not all of it.

It went like this...

21 April 2013

IF: Intermittent Fasting

So, Intermittent Fasting (IF). The first time I heard of it, my response was something on a par with "Starving yourself?! Oh no, I'm not having any of that.", and so I can of course identify with those of you thinking the same right now. But, hopefully, both the premise behind it, and my reasons for embarking on it, will become clear(er). I shall provide arguments and evidence that I hope you will agree show that this works. And works very well.

19 April 2013

Me and food

I've never been one for dieting. Perhaps a lot of people say that but really, I haven't. And I actually hate what has happened to the word diet. Everyone has a diet; it is merely a word to describe the food you consume. But the word is now synonymous with 'fad'.

In the past, whenever I've put weight on and wanted to lose it, or have generally wanted to be healthier, I'd eat better and less, and exercise more. And I've never been one for calorie counting either because there are lots of other things you can do to be healthier and/or lose weight; it's a pretty simple equation of calories in versus calories out. For example, cycling to university/work, going to a gym class, eating more fruit and veg, drinking less alcohol, snacking less, recognising hunger as thirst, plus many more. I would always prefer to resort to a combination of the above to maintain a lifestyle that involves nice but caloric food and drink. I love food!

Which is perhaps quite interesting given my relationship with food as a youngster. Let's take a step back in time.

14 April 2013

101 in 1,001: The end

So, as I explained in my initial 101 in 1,001 post, I was a little daunted by the prospect of creating such a long list of goals in what initially seemed like such a short time period. But, I gave it a go.

I planned to document some of the bigger goal attempts. Unfortunately, it was right around the time I stopped blogging. But, I still kept the list in mind and filled it in when I could.

Having passed the end date, it is time to take stock.

I only managed to complete around 50% of the list but I'm still pretty happy. I completed some fairly big goals; to get my PhD, be published and get a job. The over-analyser in me could really go to town on the things I didn't manage to complete. But, you know what, I'm not going to.

For now, I'm not going to do another one as I'm unsure how much I really gained. So, you will see that tab disappear from the blog, to be replaced by Project365 and The Fast Diet. Maybe I should consider a 'Before 30' based list?

The final list.

13 April 2013

Dr Jen?

The last time I blogged, back in April 2012, I had a week to go until my viva for my PhD. Perhaps now I should tell you the ending...? It's probably going to be a long one, so be warned, but I feel it needs to be done. Also, you can never really know what a viva is like until you do your own (in my department, no-one ever sat in on another student's viva) and all of them are different. So, perhaps my experience might help someone waiting or preparing for theirs.

Just briefly, for those that don't know, a viva is a vocal examination (viva voce) in which you defend your thesis. And your thesis is the written document detailing the work you carried out over the 3-4 years of the PhD. They tend to be pretty hefty things, too; mine was 258 pages in the end. Although, some are considerably longer than that! Viva's themselves can vary dramatically between department, examiner, subject, etc. Three hours was perhaps considered the norm in my department. But I have heard of viva's starting in the morning, breaking for lunch and then continuing again afterwards.

OK, so it was the day of my viva; Wednesday 4 July, 2012.

12 April 2013

Aaaand I'm back in the room!

I'm currently sitting in the lobby of a San Franciscan hotel waiting for my shuttle to the airport for a flight back to the UK and I'm inspired to start blogging again.

I get this inspiration often, based on something or nothing; a life experience I want to share, a rant I want to expunge, another person's blog I see or read. But since my last post nearly 12 months ago, and many unfinished and forgotten drafts, nothing has willed me to return to blogging properly.

But today is different. And I cannot even tell you what that difference is. Who knows, maybe it's the great things I have seen, heard, discussed, eaten or visited whilst in San Francisco the last ten days. Maybe because I miss the community and the writing. Or maybe, and this sounds so melodramatic but just maybe, I might be able to understand myself, where I'm going and what I want just a little better.

So, who am I you ask? Well, apart from the main things that most people could tell you (via the About page no less); name, age, education, location and job, I'm not 100% sure what the answer to that is.

Welcome back to the journey and thank you for your attention.