12 April 2013

Aaaand I'm back in the room!

I'm currently sitting in the lobby of a San Franciscan hotel waiting for my shuttle to the airport for a flight back to the UK and I'm inspired to start blogging again.

I get this inspiration often, based on something or nothing; a life experience I want to share, a rant I want to expunge, another person's blog I see or read. But since my last post nearly 12 months ago, and many unfinished and forgotten drafts, nothing has willed me to return to blogging properly.

But today is different. And I cannot even tell you what that difference is. Who knows, maybe it's the great things I have seen, heard, discussed, eaten or visited whilst in San Francisco the last ten days. Maybe because I miss the community and the writing. Or maybe, and this sounds so melodramatic but just maybe, I might be able to understand myself, where I'm going and what I want just a little better.

So, who am I you ask? Well, apart from the main things that most people could tell you (via the About page no less); name, age, education, location and job, I'm not 100% sure what the answer to that is.

Welcome back to the journey and thank you for your attention.

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