06 May 2013

Bank Holiday fun #BEDM

For anyone outside the UK, today is a Bank Holiday (cue Wiki) which means a day off work and a long weekend. Yay! During the PhD, just like weekends, bank holidays often didn't mean a day off for me. As a result, I never really know when the bank holidays are. This May bank holiday was a classic example and it wasn't until someone mentioned it that I had any idea. Up until then, I was all set to go into work today!

I decided to take up the offer from my lovely housemate Anna of a lift up to Walsall in the West Midlands; my hometown. Saturday was spent relaxing with my parents and youngest brother. That included helping my dad with some motorbike-related odd-jobs and him showing me some of his 'new' faves.

Sunday was a drive down to East Tilbury, near Southend-On-Sea with my parents. My dad was collecting some motorbike parts he'd purchased on ebay. It really was a lovely day, consisting of road-tripping, music, sunshine, scenery, jokes, ice-cream, car-napping, story-telling, dinner, dessert and drinks in a pub alongside the canal in Daventry; The Boathouse.

Today I stuck to my plan and went for a little cycle ride around Walsall arboretum. Took some pictures. I had a very nice time. And yup, I miss my pedal bike. : (

I'm now back in Bristol and the sun is still shining. The rest of the evening will mostly involve dinner and relaxing before work tomorrow. Probably a little cleaning and laundry thrown in.

There is another bank holiday coming up at the end of May which I shall be spending at the Dot To Dot Festival in Bristol. Cannae wait!

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is the sixth instalment.


  1. That is some good Bank Holiday-ing you did there!

    ps the kitchen aid isn't mine, it's my sister's if that makes you feel better?!

    1. I thought I'd make a real BH effort.

      Ah OK, it potentially makes me feel better. Doesn't make me want one any less, though. : (