18 May 2013

Best Friends #BEDM

I'm very lucky to possess five firm best friends; my mom and dad, sister and two brothers. If I needed any of them, they'd step up without question. And unconditional love is a given.

The idea of a best friend changes a lot as you get older. It's not like high school anymore. And thanks to my shitty high school experience with 'friends', my style of friendship that spawned out of that often baffles the average person. So, how might I act if you're my friend? Mainly berate and tease you.  The more of the former that occurs, the more I like you. And if you reciprocate, you're a keeper. I'm probably not going to call or text you everyday and I expect you not to get 'pissy' about that.

I would say I have a few 'best friends' (le Clique spring to mind, you know who you are!) but I am going to talk about one in particular today (mainly because I am pushed for time and because it's my blog and that's how I wanna roll today so ner). Anyone who knows me, and I mean really knows me, probably wouldn't be surprised to discover one of my best friends is male. I mean, you know where you are with boy bessies. If you're being a dick, they'll tell you you're being a dick. I appreciate that. You can get all sorts of insider tips about how boys' brains (don't) work. And they won't get their non-existent knickers in a twist if you don't call them for a while. So, who is he?


Yup, that's right; his name is Batman. OK, it's not his real name obviously. And no, I'm not deliberately trying to conceal his identity. It is actually how I refer to him. And me? I'm Robin. How cute is this picture? It's not us of course but it's pretty close. Well, that is if I were a boy, he were no longer ethnic and the photo wasn't from 1966.

Moving on.

I met him in 2006 when I was doing my MSc at Manchester. (Wow, I've known him 7 years?! That's crazy.) We both started a job raising money for the university by telephoning alumni, reading a ridiculously long script and asking for donations. Our sense of humours were rather well-aligned and it wasn't long before we were ripping one another to shreds, and coming back for more. He also liked the music and the alcomohol. The fun possibilities were endless! I know what you might be thinking, there's got to be more to it than that? The whole opposite sex issue thing... Nope. Nothing. He is one of the best people I know and we get on like a house on fire. It's not complicated. And friendships shouldn't be, right? We can not talk for ages but will always just pick up where we left off.

Sadly, I cannot remember where the 'Batman and Robin' thing came from. No doubt based on the fact that we make a pretty fucking awesome duo. We send each other superhero hugs regularly.

Today's topic must've been on my mind last night as I decided to give him a call. But not under normal conditions. Oh no. I opted for a chit chat whilst meandering home after some drinks and live music in Bristol. This is standard Batman and Robin behaviour; we will call one another after a night out, sat on public transport or wandering the streets, quite intoxicated. And it will always start with a Batmaaaaaaaan! or Robiiiiiiiiiin! With the other returning the appropriate greeting. In true Batman and Robin style, the conversation lasted 90 minutes and was full of jokes, ridicule mixed with caring remarks, current events, miss you's and some seriousness.

I think we're going to be friends for a long time. And that's pretty frickin' great.

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is day 18.

Image credit: J G Klein, CC0 1.0


  1. Not having to call/text/communicate every day is a criteria of friendship for me! My life isn't interesting enough to talk that much, and I love the connection of being able to pick right back up after time has passed. That's the true measure of friendship

    1. Glad there is someone else who has the same stance on a friendship. Sometimes, it can be so difficult to find!

  2. Aaah that is awesome.

    And yes, friendship should not be based on number of calls/texts per month. That is ridonks.

    1. It's pretty sweet! :D

      Agreed. I don't want to have to prove myself with texts or calls. But maybe I should text or call just a little more... the jury is out.

  3. Male best friends are sooooo much easier aren't they!! My BF and I were given the unpleasant nicknames of Shrek & Fiona by some people who shall be named some years ago but we happily laughed it off and said we'll take those names, at least they were happy together!


    1. They are a hell of a lot easier! Aww Shrek and Fiona! Still, they make an excellent duo as well and that is true, they were happy! :D