12 May 2013

Collecting #BEDM

A collector is not how I would describe myself, was my first thought. 

Thinking back though, that hasn't always been the case. My dad is definitely a collector, amassing many different things; antiques, houses, motorbikes! He never thinks small does my papa. I don't remember being actively encouraged to collect anything so I can only assume I took it upon myself to begin a collection. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd weighed up different options and decided upon one that would be feasible, the weird, level-headed little child I was.

So, what did I go for? Keyrings (keychains?). With a gift shop at any given attraction; feasible: tick. And develop quite a little pile I did. I also tried to rope in as many people as possible; family, friends, etc., asking them to acquire me a keyring on their holidays or excursions. I had keyrings that were old, new, tacky, pretty, disgustingly ugly and quite weird! Ones that were allowed out often or had to be kept for special occasions. My favourite was probably my koosh. Anyone remember these?

I don't know where this collection is now -- no doubt at my parents' house -- which makes me a little sad if I'm honest. : (

There is also my collection of pen pal letters from my teenage years. I must have hundreds in shoe boxes at my parents' house. My small collection of unusual earrings and nail varnishes; both of which I would like to expand. Oh, and how could I forget all my baking stuff?! I adore all things Kilner and use their clip-top jars to store my dry ingredients with handmade labels. If Mason jars were easier to come by in the UK, they would also feature heavily. My baking corner grows on a regular basis; I'm sure my housemate might regret giving me more shelves! I shall try and update this post with a photo tomorrow.

But now, the things I collect the most are photos. I add to that collection on a daily basis, at least currently, and I get a huge amount of joy from growing and surveying it. The best thing about it, they take up no tangible space. I can have a million on my computer and I am not tripping over them. At least not literally; my computer might start tripping over them and struggle to function.

I have finally gotten around to processing and whittling down my photos from San Francisco, hence the late hour of this post. Here's a sneak peak.

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is day 12.


Koosh ball image credit: Lenore EdmanCC BY 2.0

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