26 May 2013

Fantasy Dinner Party #BEDM

So, it's soirée time...

Guest List

Who would I invite? There wasn't a great deal of thought necessary for this one. I vaguely recall being asked this question once before and my answer being almost instantaneous. I am not obsessed by, and am largely indifferent to, celebrity so I very much doubt anyone famous would appear on this list. No. The only people I would really want at my dinner party would be people I would just like to see one last time. Or people that, had circumstances been different, I could've met or may have been part of my life. It sounds a little morbid but, as some of my work colleagues may have recently discovered, I have a tendency to develop morbid fascinations. It's just that I would like to meet these people as an adult. To have a real conversation with them. To know them, well as much as you can in an evening. It sounds deep, and I debated going with something that might appear more lighthearted. But then I thought fuck it, this is my honest answer. Who are these people?
Virginia and Alfred John Barratt my maternal grandparents
Denver Sanders my uncle
P.M. my paternal grandfather
Patricia Elliott my auntie
Ted Barratt my great uncle
My mother*
* My mother is still here. I just know she would give anything to see these people again as well.


What is playing? This would be the part where a celebrity, or two, might be desired. The live audo backdrop would consist of classics from Lionel Richie (I'll leave the decision about whether to bring along The Commodores up to him but they're welcome of course), Marvin Gaye, Otis Reading, Smokey Robinson, Wilson Pickett, The Temptations, Gladys Knight. Essentially, the whole of Motown.


What are we eating? I feel like I am treating this like my last supper or something rather than choosing something I would genuinely serve at a dinner party. Some of my favourite food is West Indian e.g. curried goat (or mutton), rice and peas. But I am much in love with sushi, and authentic Chinese and Italian food. Oh, I know! I'd have an all you can eat buffet of all cuisines. (Whuuut? This is a fantasy! I don't want to hear your negativity about waste, greed and unrealistic demands. In this fantasy, I can eat as much as I want without getting full, regurgitating or gaining weight and there are no starving people in Africa, OK?!) There would definitely need to be dessert as well. Cheesecake. BOOM! Done. Bottom line? all. the. food.


Is there entertainment? Is there entertainment?! Getting to know the lovely guest list and enjoying the wonderful music would be merriment enough for me.

That was not as difficult as I thought. And I hope I pulled you out of morbidness, Motown will do that for ya. : )

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is day 26.

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