19 May 2013

Favourite Tradition #BEDM

I'm late on this post and there is no real reason. I was free, and I even knew what I would write about. I just decided to be super lazy.

There are a few obvious traditions I could talk about; Christmas, Bonfire Night and Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day); all of which I am a big fan of. But actually, potentially my favourite tradition is one I no longer observe. I debated between the Friday family swim followed by fish and chips from my adolescence, which was a pretty great tradition. But I opted for something a little different, and one that I am a little surprised that I remember so fondly.

Back-to-school traditions. You would spend most of the year getting excited for the 6 weeks summer holidays. Sometimes those 6 weeks wouldn't feel long enough, other times you could get quite bored off your rocker. But whichever the case, without realising it I would actually look forward to the last one or two weeks when the 'Back to school' preparations would start. We'd travel to my auntie's area of residence and visit the shop of her friend to pick out any new school uniform. This alone was actually pretty fun. Maybe it was because we'd often get some non-school related clothes, too. Then there would be the new school backpack, pencil case, stationery, and shoes. The older I got, the harder I had to battle to get the attire I desired. The fact that it was essentially futile never seemed to dawn on me. Despite this, I was always excited to reach this part of the year and couldn't wait to strut my stuff on the first day back at school. Within a single morning of being back at my education establishment, the excitement was of course, all over. But it was nice while it lasted! :D

Do we need a little media? Me missing my two front teeth, trying to say cheese at ~7 years old (maybe).

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is day 19.

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