04 May 2013

Five Fave Blogs #BEDM

My taste in blogs is pretty varied. Or so I thought until I was tasked with choosing 5 favourites. It seems most are visual and/or food based. I shouldn't be surprised I suppose; my Twitter photos and Instagram feed are the same. But there are some personal bloggers and humour thrown in for good measure.

Without further ado, here they are in no particular order.

The Chic Type Blog

My love for typography, graphics, infographics and design are satiated with this one. I could scroll through this blog forever and often get lost there for hours at a time. Another one that a friend kindly shared with me recently: Lost Type. And if you're a lover of stationery like me, you might also enjoy Oh So Beautiful Paper.


This blog probably isn't new to most of you. I remember it was a big thing at one point. But for anyone who might not have heard of it, Postsecret is an ongoing community art project started by 'Frank' for people to mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. I was hooked and am still fascinated, perhaps morbidly but salubriously too, I hope. I follow every Sunday. A similar-ish one that you might also like: Passive Aggressive Notes.

Food. Invention. Photography. A lover of all things purple. What's not to love? The  pictures make me salivate like you wouldn't believe but also make my jaw drop; her bakes are just so impressive. Anyway, I could gush even more but I know the blog does a pretty good job of speaking for itself. Check it out. Another brilliant blog of a similar style: Spicy Icecream.

Clear Your Heart

Finally, a person! Or so you might be thinking, right? Well, Helen over at Clear Your Heart is most definitely a person and a lovely one at that. I know because I had the great pleasure of meeting her (along with some other northern bloggers) way-back-when at the Bloggers Night Out (BNO). Her blog also has brilliant photography and funky outfits, as well as featuring some food which I obviously have an affinity for. Another brilliant blogger that I've had the chance to meet: Stacey from Bitten by the Dog.

Hyperbole and a Half

This is a funny one. At the risk of being pretty annoying, I'm not even going to try and explain it. Cut a long story short; I find it hilarious, you might not. It will depend on your sense of humour of course. The illustrations are pretty awesome as well. Sadly, this blog hasn't been updated in quite some time but I really recommend reading the back catalogue. I hope it comes back one day! Another couple of funny reads: The Shiz My Boyfriend Says (also 'old') and The Oatmeal.

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is the fourth instalment.


  1. Eee I hadn't heard of Postsecret before or passive aggressive notes! Spent far too much time on them already this morning... compulsive voyeurism!

    1. Ooh I'm glad to have shared them with you then, especially Postsecret. The only shame about it is that the blog itself only shows that weeks secrets. There are books, though. So if you ever need to pass some time, find a Waterstones and locate the Postsecret books. Yup, definite voyeurism!