13 May 2013

Go Green! #BEDM

I don't always blog every day, but when I do, I don't always blog every day. Internet meme reference. So, yup, I missed one again. But it's difficult, OK?!

Let's talk green.

It's all about R. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Yes, the picture has nothing to do with that but it's green. Now, shush. 


Waste was always a big thing in my house as a child. We do not waste heat, food, clothing... money! And I have tried to carry that through into adulthood. How?
  • I try to buy only what I need at the supermarket to avoid waste. Although, when cooking for one, that can be difficult. I don't need a whole frickin' cabbage. Oh, you don't sell 'half-cabbages'?... OK. Just give me the cabbage.
  • My trusty shopping bag goes with me to the supermarket to avoid coming home with yet more carrier bags. We have a million already!
  • With leftover vegetables and bones, I make vegetable and meat stock. Otherwise, it goes in the compost bin. Thus, reducing what I actually throw away.
  • I've opted for electronic mail where I can; bank statements, phone bills, etc., and reused envelopes for scrap paper and paper sleeves.
  • Minimise my carbon footprint by using Shanks' pony to get around instead of buses or cars. In times gone past, I cycled everywhere. I miss my beloved Biki.


This, I'm definitely a fan of. And I reckon you are, too. Shoe boxes. Tupperware. Cardboard boxes. Paper. Jars. Pots. Shopping Bags. Newspaper. Material. Clothes. (Some might consider this hoarding. I don't hoard. Stop. I don't want to hear it. I'm saving the planet!) Tell me you haven't got at least some of that stuff? I also make an attempt to buy products that have been made from recycled materials if I can and where appropriate.

Donating and buying from charity shops and car boot sales (oh and small independent businesses) are big likes of mine! :D For any fancy dress event I would avoid the big, cheap chains a la Primark. Instead opting for second-hand stores like RyanVintage in Manchester or Oxfam. The Northern Quarter and Oldham Street in Manchester is a great place for such things. See this handy guide.


Like most UK households, we are provided with recycling facilities for cardboard, paper, tin cans, glass and plastic. There really is no excuse. So, yup, I'm a member of the recycle school.

UK readers might be interested to know that the clothing store H&M are operating a Garment Collection project; they will give you a £5 voucher for each bag of clothes donated. I've had my bags ready for a little while but I keep forgetting to take them. This post has reminded me.

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is day 13.

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