29 May 2013

Morning Ritual #BEDM

My morning typically commences with not wanting to get out to bed. It's not necessarily that I'm not a morning person (sometimes I can be), I just don't want to be out of the bed. Simple. This is completely at odds with often not wanting to be in the bed when 'bedtime' arrives.

Anyway. So, the rest of the morning involves readjusting to the reality that I am, in fact, out of the bed. Thankfully, I enjoy my job so it's not too much of an ordeal. It would be a lot worse if not. I dislike feeling rushed so I try to allow myself enough time to 'wake up'. The snooze button can wreak havoc on my efforts, mind.

Shower. This is a requirement in order to effectively wake me up. I will use this time to decide what to wear and maybe decide what I will do first when I get to work.

Out of the shower. Brush ma teef'. Toner. Moisturiser. On with either some TV (BBC One Breakfast) or music. Maybe reply to the odd text, tweet or message if time. Sometimes even if I don't have time. Living on the edge, I tell thee.


Time to sort out my fizzog and barnet. Heat protection spray. Tangle teezer. Mascara. Eyeliner. Brows. Blusher. Bit o' eyeshadow maybe. Blow-dry. Straighten. And that's all pretty much it there.

Get together anything I need to take to work e.g. lunch if I've made any and gym stuff if I can face it.

Breakfast. Of late this hasn't featured too heavily. Ordinarily, I can happily eat as soon as I get up or just before I leave. Lately, I might grab a banana from the fruit bowl by the front door and then eat it at work. 

Everything I do is in a particular order and a particular way. I would say I rarely deviate.

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM). This is day 29 and was mostly dull as dishwater.

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