31 May 2013

One Whole Month! #BEDM

It's over. Finito. Done. Completed. The end. 

For this, I feel a mix of joy and sadness. Joy for having taken part and (just about) managing to complete it. Sadness for the teency gaping hole it is sure to leave. How does everyone else feel? I'm not going to be inundating your Twitter feed with #BEDM any longer.

I learnt that I really enjoy writing, and blogging. I also learnt I don't really give a shit about comments (or lack thereof). Validation is really not very high on my list of priorities. 

It was particularly enjoyable to discover and read all the other blogs and posts; seeing each of the different takes on the same topic. There is nothing I can think of that I disliked apart from maybe faltering but that's my own fault.

Would I do it again? Hell's yeah!... But not in June, alright.

This month, I took part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM). This is day 31 and the last post. Thank you for being here with me. It's been fun.

See you somewhen...


  1. I think I only managed about half of the posts but I did enjoy it, I'd definitely do it again.

    1. Half is pretty good. I cheated a little anyway, what with all the back-dating. I agree; I would do it again.

  2. I didn't quite make it to 31 posts (and I still need to do my follow up post), but it was such a fun challenge to take part in!

    1. Definitely worth the challenge. The follow-up post was worth doing just to round things off.