07 May 2013

Pets #BEDM

I don't have any pets. Present tense.

But I, well we as a family, had a few different pets when I was a child. 

There was Dinky, a beautiful and extremely loving Jack Russell, named because she was small but definitely not insignificant. Ohhh there's a really cute photo of a chubby, ginger me in a little royal blue pleated skirt and jumper suit holding a bottle of juice and Dinky's lead but I can't find it. I promise to include a copy if/when I do. Sadly, she had to be put down when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My dad thought we should have another dog so went to the local pound and rescued a bulldog. But after chasing his own tail for 30 minutes in the back garden and nearly biting my dad's hand off, my parents decided he was too unpredictable for small children and had to be returned.

There was also Cecil, my sister's goldfish who died because she fed him too much. 

Next we tried hamsters. There was Lily named because she was bright white but also because she looked like Lily Savage's wig. Oh how we loved her but she went blind and sadly passed away. : ( We got another hamster, Mikey but he was a little rough around the edges and would often take a bite out of people's fingers. But then, I might too if people stuck their greasy fingers in my face in my own home. He also died. : (

There is always the dogs vs. cats debate. I am more of a dog person and not the biggest cat fan (exception: kittens. who doesn't love kittens?). Although whenever I visit anyone who has cats, e.g. my sister, I like them more and more. I'm not really in a position to have pets right now; I have to make do with desk friends. But I definitely want to have pets when I am 'settled', with a preference for a dog. I'm not sure which type, I'm pretty open. A serious fish tank might also be good, maybe even with tropical fish.

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is the seventh instalment. Maybe I should've written the part numbers in roman numerals?

Desk friend

Dana the Dinosaur Desk Defender

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