08 May 2013

#Project365: April 2013

I'm feeling sorry for myself after the dentist. And it's the morning after a fast day so I'm huuuungry but I can't eat otherwise, and I quote "You will break your fillings!" OK OK. Not feeling that sorry just yet though as, since my face is still numb, I have no pain. I can 'feel' it (that tingly feeling) in my eye. What's up with that?!

Anyway. So, I thought I would take the opportunity with my day off work (quite glad I booked the whole day off now) to bring you the first monthly recap of my Project365; April 2013. I'm not really sure how to go about this but I'm hoping if I just start, it will work itself out...

Er... yeah. Do you really want me to talk about them? Do you really care? I'm not even sure I do! Ha. Do I do that in order? In themes? Not all of them need talking about surely? I'm over-thinking this, right?

The photos begin in San Francisco, where I went for work and then a holiday. There's some photographic evidence of my embarkment on The Fast Diet and healthy eating. Back to blogging.
The lovely American chocolate I took into work, including Ghirardelli. Lush. A trip to the garden centre followed by the desk plant I picked up there and the hanging baskets my housemate and I updated. The tasty fruit teas for staving off 5:2 diet hunger. 
My new purchase of Adobe Lightroom :D and a reminder to stop overanalysing as I have a tendency to do. Sunny mornings from my bedroom window and just one set of the fruit earrings I own. Finally, sunny days in Bristol close to work and home. 
A gift from a work friend (I draw faces on fruit sometimes and he thought this orange was a good candidate). My ticket for the Dot to Dot Festival in Bristol for the last weekend in May. The yummy Sailor Jerry's rum in took to a friends housewarming party and a long overdue evening of immersing myself in some great music. My Sunday evening in with Henry.
Last two: Dana my Dinosaur Desk Defender who you may recognise, and a purdy pink glass jar I saw and immediately wanted to buy, despite not knowing what to put in it. I didn't buy it. 
Well, that's your lot. I'm sure that was as interesting as watching paint dry.

Are you undertaking a Project365? Or perhaps you're thinking of doing one? There are lots of ways to go about it and you will find a plethora of tools and advice on the internet. There's the 365project website, 11 tips for completing a Project 365 or the Project365 Flickr group. You can get prompts, CaptureYour365 for example, or just freestyle. And there are apps for iPhone and Android. Just go with it!


  1. Yay for Project 365 round-ups! I always wonder why I do my monthly round-ups and then I remember that if no-one cares about it or cares to comment then they can SUCK IT. I'm taking a photo every freaking day, that means you have to read through a blog-post of my achievements.

    I might start taking photos of the posts I'm publishing as part of BEDM and kill 2 birds with one stone. BOOM.

    Really want a Sailor Jerry's now...

    1. Ha! Yeah photos of your BEDM posts is a good idea. I reckon you'd definitely get sick of BEDM then, though.

      There aren't many times I *don't* want a Sailor Jerry's.