27 May 2013

Secret Talent #BEDM

What am I good at that nobody knows about? I could make some remark about seeming to have an awesome ability to allow people to take advantage of me but I'm just in a bad mood and so, I'm not going to say that. And this will be a scheduled post so you won't know when I was actually in a bad mood. Ha!

Turns on bragging ability.

Maybe two things spring to mind. Music and Food.

Music. At the age of 8, I knew nothing about this stuff. That's a lie, when I was 4, I got up on stage at Butlins and sang Little Blackbird. The cutest according to my parents but of course, they would say that. (I would provide a link but I have no idea what song this is?) I digress. So, I'm eight years old and two of my siblings play instruments. One day, I remark to my parents 'What if I played an instrument?' and that was that. The violin and I became one. Or something. Until well, we weren't any more but that's another story for another day children. One might say I am not too shabby at singing either (this feels far too close to blowing my own horn. Here come the hives!). I've been in a few different choirs and did finally pluck up the courage to try karaoke in my early 20's (and, on the rare occasion I do go, I mostly haven't looked back since). Oh and there was that time when I was about 10 years old that I sang some Celine Dion in the school talent contest. Yes, you read that correctly. Three female work colleagues and I may or may not have started an acapella/harmony ensemble. Potentially watch this space. ; )

Food. We already know how much I bloody love this stuff, and anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram will know only too well how much of my life (or at least, photo taking) revolves around food. In addition, I seem to have this innate ability to completely shut off my 'fullness' filter. As a result, I will continue to eat until I am close to bursting. And I seem to have been further honing this skill as my age progresses. There are certainly times when it feels like I might see it all again but that's never a real possibility. That's another lie. I remember one particular incident in Spain when I actually had to go to the ladies and pep talk myself into not reacquainting myself with my dinner. True story. It all worked out for the best, though. I obviously give good pep talks. This is all fascinating I am sure but it wasn't actually where I was originally headed with this one. My baking skills are alright, I suppose you could say.

A year or so ago now, I made the really stupid sisterly decision to make my brother a birthday cake for his 25th. Not the birthday cheesecake, a real cake. Thinking of an idea for the decoration was actually pretty difficult. He likes a few different things but everything I considered just seemed too difficult; a climbing wall, a motorbike, lego, something science-themed (a microscope definitely seemed like a party pooper),... But there was one thing that, at the time, we'd both become a little obsessed with. We'd even managed to get dad into it! And, so the Angry Birds victoria sponge was born (like a labour in almost every sense except it was a three day labour and an actual baby definitely would've perished in the birth canal):

And this is a terrible photo of said Angry Birds victoria sponge! But seems to be the only one I can find.
Every time I made a bird or some other component that wasn't quite right, my solution? 'Oh, guess I'll just have to eat that one then!' Probably ate about 10 birds. Had sugar withdrawal for two days afterwards (not a true story). It was fun but bloody hard work. 

Oh, I suppose I am half-decent at science (except that I'm actually not) but I guess people do know about that. Talking about it really isn't necessary.

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is day 27.

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