10 May 2013

Travel Dreams #BEDM

If I could be anywhere in the world right now? Not at work and in a distant land with a cocktail would be nice.

Family holidays for me rarely consisted of travelling abroad; it was mainly Wales and other parts of the UK in a caravan (although we did manage Ireland, Florida and France). And that is in no way a criticism. I bloomin' loved my family holidays! For some reason, as a child, showering, eating and sleeping in a plastic box is the best thing in the world. Plus, the sun is pretty incompatible with my skin tone. Although, that didn't stop the UK sun giving me first degree burns. Repeatedly. Anyway, this all means if you offer me any kind of holiday, I'll grab it with both hands. It doesn't have to be sunny. It doesn't even necessarily have to be warm. Culture, history, food, scenery and the experience are the main draws. Camping is also something I get rather excited about. Some might liken it to sleeping rough but at least you know it's going to end, and how; with your amazing power shower and wonderfully soft bed.

I've visited a reasonable number of places as an adult, I suppose: mostly Europe e.g. France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Monaco, but a couple of places in the US: San Diego and San Francisco. Oh and there was Hong Kong and Tunisia. I loved them all; navigating myself to different areas, learning about the culture, absorbing the history, attempting the language, trying to get my head around the currency (and tipping!). And I want there to be so much more travel in my life.

Specifics? I suppose there are a few on the list. Starting small, I really want to go Scotland. I've been to Glasgow but I need to see Edinburgh at some point. Paris is somewhere I want to go back to and Southern Italy and actually, the rest of Europe that I've missed up to yet. We potentially have family heritage in Canada (that's another story) so I really want to go there. There's a whole lot more of America to explore where I think New York would be first on the list. Australia and New Zealand definitely. Asia, too especially Japan. Jamaica, who wouldn't want to go there?

You know what, everywhere I haven't been basically.

My job has actually worked out quite well on the travel front. I am set to go to Rhodes in August (my skin is actually going to peel off. Correction: I am going to morph into a lobster and then my skin will fall off) and Denver, Colorado in November. And all I have to do is meet scientists and listen to physics. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

I have no related pictures today, sadly. I must be able to give you something visual? How about a picture of a rockhopper penguin. For no reason other than why not? And because he looks cool. You're welcome.

Happy Friday!

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is day 10.


Rockhopper penguin image credit: KathrynMcGraneCC BY 2.0

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