30 May 2013

Who inspires you? #BEDM

This one was difficult, actually. My family are a given and I have a few friends who also really motivate me to do better and achieve. 

But, outside of that, someone being deserving of the label of 'inspirational' can be quite a tall order. When I started this post, I wasn't immediately sure who I could give that label to. In fact, I didn't even have any idea where the post was going but it's no real surprise that it's about to become rooted in science. 

For me, two people have this label. They have genuinely shaped my life into what it is today. And do you know what's even better, they're female scientists!

My A level physics teacher was amazing. Without her, I probably wouldn't have started out on the path to study physics at university and thus, wouldn't be where I am now. I really wish I could find contact details for her so that I could thank her.

The other was the unofficial second supervisor / mentor during my PhD. She is a professor of physics at Manchester and I am not blowing smoke up anybody's derriere when I say she really is an amazing woman and a brilliant physicist. Not only that, she was invaluable to me, both on an academic and personal level, during the PhD. She spurred me on and inspired me to finish the damn thing, true story. Without her, I wouldn't be here.

This video sees her talking about girls doing physics on BBC One Breakfast a year ago, not too long after she'd written me a lovely reference for my job. :D

We need more ladies doing physics!

In some ways, I wish I still had some connection to teaching physics as I would feel honoured to be someone's inspiration (male or female), however small, for embarking upon a path that sees them doing what they love.

This month, I'm taking part in Blog Every Day in May (BEDM) and this is day 30. The penultimate post!

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