12 June 2013

Bad habits

Everyone has bad habits. Even the most exceptional of people have at least one. Whilst I might list perfectionism as one of mine — trust me, it's sometimes just a complete pain in the arse — I am far from perfect. Such as? Well, I don't drink enough water and often hold in my wee for far too long. Maybe that's why I don't drink more water? I don't go to bed when I should and snooze in the morning too much. OK, so none of those sound that terrible but did you really think I was about to tell you my absolute worst habits? Then you need to address your expectations, mis amigos.

Just the other day, I was talking to someone about how much I like reading but how little of it I do as a hobby. And it's a habit I really want to get out of. But actually, it's not just that. It's this: 

Perhaps this photo could be interrupted in a number of different ways. That I read too many books at once, never buy bookmarks or have terrible taste in literature?! Whilst some of those may be true, it's something else. A significant number of books I start reading remain unfinished. Some of the ones in that photo have remained that way for a long time now. Years. And the photo excludes the selection of unfinished, or downloaded and unread, books on my Kindle app:

But why do I do this? No idea really. Considering that I attempt to complete everything I start, this is clearly an area I feel is exempt to that. On a slightly deeper level, I do wonder (worry? No, it's probably not at that level. Yet.) what this could mean. But I think there probably isn't too much to delve into with that. Do I have literary attention deficit disorder? Maybe. There are plenty of books I have finished but the number of books I put down — and yes, leave the bookmark in because well, I will come back to them surely — is growing. Do I go back to them? Do I hell! Very few, anyway. I guess that's why I don't buy bookmarks. Who does buy bookmarks?

Getting through the selection of half-read books is something I keep telling myself I will do but it's not happening; I just keep downloading more! With that in mind; I am listing all of the ones I currently have — somewhere, on this blog maybe? — and I am frickin' reading them! If I weren't expecting to fail, I would even say I'd review them.

Wish me luck!


  1. Aaah poor unfinished books. I feel bad for them.

    I have a strict one book at a time policy. I know if I read more than one thing I'll just read the thing I'm enjoying most and forget about the other and that's not giving them a fair chance.

    I had a friend who kept saying she needed to buy a bookmark. I pointed out to her that my bookmarks are post-it notes, receipts, train tickets, and bank statements.

    1. Oh, now I feel sorry for them, too. :( It's not that I don't like them or aren't enjoying them (well, for some of them anyway). I don't know what it is! Maybe I have (book) commitment issues?! That I don't want them to end, as I'll miss them? No, that's a stupid reason.

      It's good to have a policy about these things and that could be a good one for me to adopt.

      Agreed. I use whatever is available as a bookmark; largely receipts and train tickets, too. The one bookmark I do have is one I made out of an old diary cover and tassle.