11 June 2013

Happy 5th Blog-a-versary

It's that time again. Time to remember just how long ago I pitched up in this corner of the interwebs. This post is coming from York today as I am there for a conference. Don't worry, I am working; I just queued this one up.

Five years ago today, I posted my first blog post; Hello!. I'd had other blogs before but I was determined to make this one something I would stick at and be proud of. Whilst my efforts have been intermittent, I'm quite pleased with how things stand after half a decade. I wonder where this blog and I will be in another 5 years?

Anyway, Happy Blogaversary to this small but almost perfectly formed virtual suitcase full of words, thoughts, feelings, laughs and memories. p.s. sorry I missed your fourth blogaversary! I do love you, I promise.

You all know how much I love cake; and here's one of a batch I made at the weekend in honour of today.

Cupcakes? Yeah, Jen we've seen you do those before. Wait, there's more...

It might look a little more like an 's' but that's actually how the cutter looks. They were quite fun to make and yummy, too. I really want to make a rainbow layer cake and an ombre cake now.


Ombre cake image credit: raspberri cupcakesCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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