02 June 2013

#Project365: May 2013

You'll be happy to know it's time for another round up of Project365 for May 2013. Super happy, right?

1. My work badge. 2. Spring. 3. My bag purchase from Mozzypop. 4. One of my father's motorcycles. 5. Ice-cream down South!
6. A visit to Walsall's Arboretum. 7. Supplies and ingredients for this Somerset bean stew. 8. Acquainting myself with a new TV series, House of Cards. 9. April showers in May. 10. Lunch in a very British pub.
11. Lunch with Dr Mini Jen at italian restaurant Zizzi. 12. Feet up in the window seat at dusk. 13. Throwback biscuits Crawford's Morning Coffee. 14. Ducks in my bathroom. 15. My Stroopwafels addiction continues.
16. Patisserie Valerie Black Forest Gateau. I want all of the special occasion cakes on that website. 17. Vegetable stir-fry. 18. My decorated cupcake at the Eurovision party. 19. New shoes. 20. Window flower.
21. Awesome steak, mustard and rocket sandwiches are awesome. 22. Cool evenings with the front door open. 23. Science Showoff (blog post coming soon). 24. Friday Supper Club dinner and the terrible-tasting but pretty-looking mojito. 25. Dot To Dot Festival in Bristol. 
26. Window-seat sunshine. 27. This sausage and red wine risotto. 28. I finally went back to the gym, even managing 3 consecutive days in one week. 29. A TV programme I adore: 24 Hours in A&E. 30. Some rather sexist advice from an academic professor. He thought he was being particularly helpful with my wardrobe choices for a symposium dinner.
And May 31 all on its lonesome here. Sheet music for the (not-so-secret) secret acapella/harmony ensemble with 3 female co-workers.
That's your lot and that's all I've really got to say about that.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm so excited that you're in a secret acapella (and ever so slightly jealous!). How's it going?

    1. It is mildly exciting and it's going quite well; we meet every Friday. It is difficult without the use of a piano mind.

  2. Woop see you later May.

    And YES for watching 24hrs in A&E - it's one of my favourite and bests.

    1. May was a pretty good month.

      I know, bloody love that programme. Can't believe how easily and quickly it makes me blubb sometimes!